Does this bug you? Does this bug you?

Do strapless wedding gowns and plunging necklines on female guests in church bug anyone else but me? DD thinks I am nuts, as do a myriad of other people, but I must say that the last thing I really want to look at while at a wedding is some female (age does not appear to be a factor here!) with a plunging neckline well past the modest level of the term a little cleaveage.

Saturday the church choir (all 4 of us) sang for a wedding. The bride was beautifully dressed in a lace and silk dress. While the silk under piece was strapless, the lace was over the entire dress, up to the collar bone and long sleeved. It was simply stunning. Several of the female guests, as well as the assistant photographer, had on strapless or plunging neckline dresses that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. Of course, where does the choir sing? UP In the choir loft. What is the view from the top down? I will leave that to your own thoughts.

It would seem the purpose for the uncovered skin was to give the viewer the opportunity to appreciate much of the art (I use the term loosely) that was etched on various parts of the body…ankle, back of neck, upper arm, wrist…well you get the drift. Why do I suggest this? Because one young lady had a tat on the base of her neck that necessitated her constant movement of the long, flowing brown hair out of the way of a clear view of the tat. Sigh.

Now my dear readers, I am not a prude and in the past I’ve been known to…well never mind. I do not hate tattoos. I do not mind strapless gowns. Some young ladies can carry that look without a problem. Some young ladies need some one to lovingly tell them that the skin rolls that are hanging over the top of bodice along the back of the underarm are just not attractive, especially when the young lady in question is beautiful in all other aspects: visage, heart and character. And a little cleavage…well isn’t too much for certain special affairs. Yes…I know a wedding is a special affair.

But ladies…you are in church! You are standing before the Lord God on High, the Creator of the Universe, and all the Saints – Triumphant and Militant. Where is your modesty? Where is your decorum? Where is the humility? Cover yourself, at least while in church. Have pity on the celibate priest who is giving the Sacrament. Lord have mercy!

During my catechumenate, I was taught that a woman does not enter a church with shoulders uncovered, or mid-thigh dresses. Wear a short sleeve or 3/4’s length sleeved top. Wear a skirt that doesn’t show your thong underwear when you do a prostration.

Wear a jacket while in the church. Remove it afterwards.

I swear I’m going to make some very pretty and colorful shawls to keep at the church door for those who come in half dressed.

Father tells me I am a baba in the making! Lord have mercy!



12 thoughts on “Does this bug you? Does this bug you?

  1. A Babushka! Cute! My Mom wouldn’t take me int church without a covering on my head. When I became old enough to wear a scarf she would use a hat pin to hold it on my hair and then tie the ends into a knot under my chin. She cald it a Babushka.. That was your Gramother Gertrude. She was from Germany and was Lutheren. Became Catholic so she could marry Grandpop John.

  2. Oh, so that’s why they started insisting we wear long-sleeved blouses at the Summer School… 😉

    Philippa, every priest I know makes a point of telling the members of the bridal party that their dresses *must* include a short jacket, if they are strapless and sleeveless. I know at least one priest who will not conduct a wedding if the dresses are not modest. And I agree.

    I guess a lot of us are regular Babas — and you might tell your priest that he should be grateful for the Babas, it was they who kept the faith alive in the dark Soviet times!

  3. Hi Hon!

    Been very busy with my translations. Well… if you are to be a proper baba you need a cane. That is to whack young miscreants with, my dear. Memorise the standard Old Baba lines… “Show some respect, you’re in church!”… “Get your hands out of your pockets!”… “What is the world coming to?”

    Being on the cusp of babahood myself, being 54, I actually find it exhilarating! There are things proper to every age, and older folks shouldn’t act like kids. Although I am the first to say that “there is plenty of life in the old dog, yet”.

    I keep you in my prayer rule daily. I put some beautiful art photos up on “Art and Faith”… do check them out.

    in sisterly affection,


  4. Mom, a Baba is short for “babushka’ or ‘grandmom’ of the church.

    Matt, I am grateful for your input. Thanks. I can’t even imagine what that must have been like. :o)

  5. I am reluctant to pipe in on this, but…

    A couple of months ago I and one other man (Ethiopian. New to the parish. New to the country.) were standing in the nave of the cathedral praying along with the reader as the priests and the subdeacons were doing whatever it is they do before the services. We were the only people in the cathedral. Then a woman with a very short mini-skirt walked in. I glanced at the man across the nave. He had a bit of a horrified look on his face. We both knew what was coming. I glanced at the Icons at the ceiling and he knew what I meant. We both stared at the Holy Evangelists up there until she finished venerating the icons and walked past us to the western end of the cathedral. Afterward he nodded his thanks.

  6. I have a hard time even wearing sleeveless at church, never mind strapless. Only if it is meltingly hot and then I feel guilty the entire time.

    I must be a Baba in training too!

  7. You said it, sister !

    Church is not the most appropriate place to be exposing
    endless acres of bare flesh (whether male or female) …….

  8. yeah, too much cleavage is annoying. I don’t really like tattoos.

    Your story reminds me of the time I went up to Jordanville at then end of one of the Summer Singing programs they do. Several of the students were showing way too much cleavage & short hem lines (at a monastery!!!???). The kicker was that each one of them went up to a seated Vladika Laurus (of blessed memory) and bent over to receive a blessing… and….well… I’m sure he got an eye full (insert rolly eyes). I don’t know why people can’t do a little pre-planning for things like that.

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