New Computer Equipment

In order to help prevent a recurrence of the very nasty acute tendinitis in my right elbow, the therapist suggested I get a vertical mouse and split keyboard.  Both have arrived this week and are installed.  I LOVE THEM!

Here is a picture of the vertical mouse.  It was a simple installation and simple to drop the speed of the mouse pointer, which was incredibly fast!  Because I do not need to twist my forearm to be palm down in order to use the mouse, I have found that my elbow does not tire as easily.  Thus I am not straining the tendon.

Here is a picture of the split keyboard.  I have it split up to a 45 degree angle.  It has a soft touch keys and some of the keys are repositioned in order to accommodate the need for keeping all the keys and mouse within forearm distance/reach.  The idea is that the user should not reach out to use the mouse or any key on the keyboard in order to reduce muscle and tendon fatigue.  Now as I type, my elbows are at my side at a 90 degree angle which is the proper position.  The new keyboard design has forced me to slow down with my typing which also reduces tendon/muscle stress and fatigue.

The additional step I am taking is to do forearms stretches every 30 minutes in order to stretch out the tendon.

While these two items were very expensive, what they will save in doctor and therapy costs will be regained in approximately 12 to 18 months I think.  Not to mention avoiding surgery!

All good!


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  1. I don’t have tendenitis but I do get a nasty spate of bursitis in my right shoulder if I sit at the computer too long. I’ll have to look into that set up. It looks comfortable.

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