Spoiled Little Princess

Has anyone encountered this salon? Sweet and Sassy is a salon for little girls. They have everything that an adult salon has plus more. They do sleepovers and for $150 will pick your child up in a pink stretch limo to take them to the salon where the child will be pampered, crimped, manicured, pedicured, given a facial and make-up and give a spa experience.

Now my dear readers, I am middle-aged. I have never had a pedicure. I have never had a manicure. I have never been to a spa nor had a massage. I have never had professionally applied make-up. Yes, I’ve been to a hair salon. However, now my dear sister crimps my curls and she is better than any salon stylist I have EVER been to.

What, pray tell, would a parent be thinking to allow their child to go to a place like this? Okay, I will concede the point that it would make for a fun birthday party event…perhaps for a 13th birthday or something special like that…for three girls. But to take your 4 year old there?! More than once?! Because she ‘demanded’ it???!!! I think NOT. Well, dear readers, I know one such parent who has given into his princess baby girl’s request; not once. Not twice. No dear readers, not even twice. But THREE times!

This same child thought it perfectly okay to punch her kindergarten teacher when she wasn’t permitted to do something she wanted to do. Again not just once…but TWICE on two different occasions.

Me thinks this child needs a serious “Come to Jesus” moment which involves some serious amount of time in a time out corner…not once, not twice, nay not even three times.

I’ll bet that investing in one of these franchises would be a good thing. They probably make money hand over fist.

Reading some of the news articles related to this trend, the Fort Worth Business Press said, “…companies annually invest around $15 billion in child-focused advertisements.”  The Chicago Daily Herald said, “The basic party for eight girls goes for $285. This includes having their hair and nails done, a makeover, and dressing up and taking part in a fashion show on stage.  For parents wanting to splurge, a hot pink limousine can pick up the party-goers for $175.”

If parents want to do things with their children, why don’t they try reading a book, going to the library, playing ball in the backyard or hauling out the Candyland game board?!

Lord have mercy!


5 thoughts on “Spoiled Little Princess

  1. It is utterly sick that parents think this crap is good for their kids. It is merely a sign of how morally and spiritually bankrupt our culture is. I look at people who spend 6 hours a day in the van carting kids to gymnastics, soccer, karate, play rehearsal etc. etc. and I want to slap them. Life is not activity. These kids are doomed and their parents are to blame. “Guilty” for not emulating the culture? You should be given a badge of honor.

  2. I wasn’t completely disgusted by the concept until I read this: “taking part in a fashion show on stage” There is no excuse for this. I am sure no designer is using these girls to show his wares. This pseudo fashion show is nothing but fertilizer for narcissism. Shame on the grown ups.

  3. Wow! What an eyeopener for me. I guess this is another time when I am left speechless. Kids are not allowed to be kids anymore and I can’t imagine why any parent would want their children to grow into adults before their time. I know a few adults who are regressing back into childhood and I can’t imagine that being fun either. When in doubt about what to do with your money for your child put it in a college fund., and send them out to the driveway with a large box of chalk.

  4. How tragic! Just looking at the photo on the homepage of the company’s website made me sad. And I definitely do not want my daughter to be “sweet and sassy”; that just sounds like trouble.

    It is sad that we are living in a world where little girls can’t be little girls anymore.

    They should be playing outside, picking flowers, reading books on a picnic blanket, baking cookies, or swinging off the branches of a tree. My fondest memories from my childhood were playing “Island of Blue Dolphins” in my backyard. A child’s imagination is no longer valued in this society of video games, movies, cell phones for 5 year olds, and, now, salons for little girls. This makes me so sad.

  5. Things have gotten somewhat ridiculous these days. I actually find myself feeling sometimes as though I have failed as a parent because I can’t afford to have my child “involved” in the multitudinous extra curricular activities available to them. Many of their friends at church are involved in such and I know they’re going to notice more and more as they grow older that they can’t be in brownies, horseback riding, fencing, season passes to amusement parks, etc, ad infinitum, much less $175 trips to a salon (luckily, none of their friends parents are “in” to the salon type of activities).

    Whatever happened to playing in the sprinkler in the backyard, baking cookies, etc?

    This really struck a nerve with me this morning…

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