For Today: August 4, 2008

Outside My Window…it is a dark summer night.  The cicadas are chirping.  The birds are quiet.  No children are playing as it is way past their bedtime.
I am thinking…about Tudor England and Henry VIII’s divorce.  Why?  Because I have a research paper due next week and that is my topic of choice. 
I am thankful for…my hubster.  He is a thoughtful and sensitive man.  Truly God’s gift to me.  I love him very much.
From the kitchen…nothing special for today.  Though I did enjoy spaghetti and clams for lunch and fresh bran muffin bread at dinner.
I am wearing…a pale celery green robe and my blue polka dot pjs.  LOL!
I am creating…ahhhhh…I wish I were creating!  Therein lies my rub.  Until I finish this stinkin’ degree, I’ve little time for the things I really want to do like learning blackwork stitching and exploring Coptic needlework in the hopes of recreating something beautiful for the church.
I am going…to get a little glass of milk and snack soon.  Writing makes me hungry.  Heck, everything makes me hungry!
I am readingIreland by Frank Delaney.  It is one of the books we’ll be reading for the Irish Lit class I am taking in the fall.  If you’ve not read it, you must!  It is excellent!  It is all about a storyteller in the 1950’s.
I am hoping…I get to work on the memoirs with Father Seraphim tomorrow.  I pray that God is merciful to him and that he will be feeling well enough to do so.
I am hearing…the swish of the dishwasher.  The hum of electricity.  The click of keys on the keyboard.
Around the house…things are quiet.  The hubster is sleeping. I plan on doing a little more on the research paper.
One of my favorite things…is the sound of summer cicadas on a hot summer afternoon.  It is a childhood memory.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:  call a gardener to give me an estimate to refurbish the front flower bed.  It is an absolute disaster and I am quite perturbed with myself that I let it get away from me so badly.
Here is picture thought I am sharing…
Hat tip to The Simple Woman.

2 thoughts on “For Today: August 4, 2008

  1. I’m so glad you join in! I love the picture you share it made me laugh. The Coptic needlework has me intrigued as I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before.

    Hope you had a peaceful night, my friend.

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