“Serious error in judgment”

Senator Edwards, you sure can say that again!  I feel for your poor wife who, through chemo treatments for her cancer, stood by your side while you campaigned…and took side trips to meet your honey.

Is there NO ONE in this fair land of ours that has any scruples and is willing to run for president?

Lord have mercy!


5 thoughts on ““Serious error in judgment”

  1. Ron Paul has been married and faithful to the same woman for decades. For a mortal man, not to mention a politicion, he is unusually consistent, decent, and moral. Yet the electorate rejected him.

  2. I did hear on the news this morning that the purpose of the trip a month ago was to ask the ex g.f. not to go public with the news of the affair. That said, this was a huge disappointment for me, because I voted for this character back in January (NH primary). I’m beginning to wonder if there are *any* real statesmen left in this country, worthy of the office of the Presidency.

  3. Deb,

    I read an on-line article that said he only just saw this “honey” a month ago. And it also stated he saw this woman at the Beverly Hilton while campaigning. If I can find the link, I’ll post it.


    while I agree it is a family matter and if his wife forgives him that is great. It is not my place to judge him as a sinful creature. However, we are to be discerning when we choose elected officials to represent us in the government. If one is not judicious nor holds a sacramental vow true, then why would I think he/she is worthy of my trust to represent me fairly in governmental decisions?

    Thanks for your thoughts ladies!!

  4. I really think that it is a family matter. If his wife will forgive him, who am I to hold it against him?

  5. I think the affair had ended before he announced his candidacy and Mrs. Edward’s cancer came back. In one article I read he said that he admitted his affair to his wife soon after it ended.

    But, he’s still a politician and they only lie when they move their mouths (as my hubby says).

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