The Simple Woman’s Daybook #2

Simple Woman Daybook
Simple Woman Daybook

I am thinking…I do not have a paper to write tonight! YAY!

I am thankful for… see above, carmel popcorn, my DD was offered a job today and she accepted.

From the kitchen… burgers for dinner.
I am jeans and a red polo shirt, white socks with silver flowery things, and white keds sneakers.  I am such a geek!
I am creating… nothing at the moment.  I’ll have more write in this category once the fall semester starts because I am taking a drawing class.  The creative juices will be flowing then!
I am going…straight to the couch after dinner!
I am reading…same novel as before, Ireland, by Frank Delaney. I’m about half way through the book.
I am hoping… to sleep soundly tonight.
I am hearing… not a single sound. It is lovely!
Around the house… dinner is defrosting as I wait for the hubster to get home from work. Then I’ll make dinner.
One of my favorite things… a good book, a handful of Good ‘n Plenty licorice candies.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…work with Father S on his memoirs tomorrow and call a couple gardeners (never did that last week).
Here is picture thought I am sharing
Holy Cross GOA (the Church I attended in North Carolina)

2 thoughts on “The Simple Woman’s Daybook #2

  1. Congrats to your dd and her new job. I’m sure that is a relief. I can’t wait to see what you create in Art class this fall…I think that would be so much fun.

    p.s. There were a few things on my list I didn’t get done either – like making bread.

  2. Did I know you loved Good and Plenties too? So yummy.

    Lovely photo, and congrats on not having a paper due!

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