The Artist…my Sister

Though she lives 90 minutes away, my sister (my hairstylist!) is the only one I will permit to touch my hair.  I have not found any other stylist who does hair as well as she.  When she cuts my hair, it maintains the style for months…and I mean months!  She enjoys the “science” of hair styling; mixing hair colors and seeing the results, doing make-up, etc.  She’s a very good cook.  There’s that science stuff again.  She has this knack of knowing just the right spices and such to toss in a pot that will result in a delicious tasting dish.

Sixteen months ago I told her, “I want to grow my hair out and let it get long.”  She said, “Cool!  Go for it!”  The style then was very short and curly.  She has been encouraging to me when I was ready to have it all cut off because I looked like some rag-a-muffin.   In these 16 months my hair has grown to shoulder length.  She contributes it to the good, healthy food and power packed vitamins I take.  I guess this is one reason to be thankful for a myriad of food allergies!  It has forced me to eat healthier!

The last time she trimmed, shaped and colored my hair was April 19.  In the four months since then, my hair has grown 5 inches!!!  She was astonished!  She said that usually hair grows 1/4 to 1/2 inch per month.  Mine has grown twice as fast.  <Great big smile!>

The usual base color, Mocha Brown, went on smoothly and with no problems.  She then put in highlights.  For you ladies, when I say “she pulled every hole in the cap” you know what I mean.  Usually she does every other hole.  This time I said, “Have fun.  Do whatever you want.”  How’s that for trust?!

She used a new bleach call “Quick Blue.”  It is supposed to work faster and better with less dryness to the hair.  Lemme tell ya…it does as it is advertised.  After about 6 or 7 minutes when she checked my hair she mumbled, “Hmm…that’s going quick.”  Then another 5 minutes went by and I said, “Yo!  I think this will be enough.”  She rinses me and says, “Oh yea…umm…this is a bit lighter than I had planned.”  I’m thinking, “Oh great!  I’m going to look like some stripped zebra or something.”

After she styled it and I got a good look at it, I must say I totally LOVE the color.  It is a medium strawberry blonde with mocha brown undertones.  My hair has always had red tones to it, especially as a child.  After a summer I would look like I had bright auburn streaks in my hair.  So when bleach is applied, the color lifts to red tones.  Thus the results with a little bit of bleach.

My sister is 10 years younger than I.  When I left home at age 20 she was only 10, thus we did not have much time together growing up.  Nonetheless, we are good friends and I love her very much.  We laugh together.  We talk about everything under the sun.  Most of the time, she talks and I listen.

She is 39 and doesn’t look a day over 25.  She is a stunning dark Italian beauty with deep brown eyes and beautiful long brown hair.  I’ve always envied her looks.  She has been dealt a  difficult life, much by her own choices.  But she is managing to get through it, one day at a time.  One cannot do more than that.

Sorry…no pictures to share.  There is no one about to do the honors!


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  1. So where are the pictures????? It sounds lovely, and I had just decided to stop with the highlights and let the color go natural. But it sounds so pretty , where does your sister live again?????

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