Simple Woman’s Daybook~3

I am thinking…about the glorious weather today.  Bright, high blue skies.  Moderate temperatures.  And enough sunshine to overflow the cup!  I love days like today.

I am thankful for… the fact that days like today are not frequent.  If they were, I would not appreciate nor enjoy them as much as I do.

From the kitchen… rice krispie treats and a glass of ice cold mile.  Yum!
I am wearing...white pants that I made, a white/blue/pale pink pin-stripe shirt, open toed sandals.
I am creating… Sunday school lessons in my head.  This year we are returning to “two” class rooms, as we have a second teacher.  The blog owner, that would be me, will be teaching the elementary age kids.  This is not my area of comfort, sooooo I am trying to come up with creative ways to teach the lessons.
I am going…to read another “fluff” book per Miss Mimi’s instructions since I do not start classes until Monday.
I am reading…a Tom Clancy book entitled “Splinter Cell.”
I am hoping… to enjoy a quiet evening of reading and perhaps chatting on the phone with my friend.
I am hearing…the hum of the dryer working on the last batch of bedsheets that needed taking care of.
Around the house… the sun is shining through the kitchen windows.  Another favorite thing of mine.  It makes the room so bright and cheerful.
One of my favorite things… is the end of the work day and coming home to peace and quiet.  I like being at home.  Actually, I prefer being at home!
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…shopping with DD Friday.  She has secured a new job and does not have clothes suitable to a business environment.  Especially since she is coming from a daycare environment where everything goes clothes wise.  Comfortable clothes able to be spit up upon or colored with markers were necessary.  Unfortunately, that “look” doesn’t work in a guidance office.
Here is picture thought I am sharing…Hubster’s visit to Fenway.

3 thoughts on “Simple Woman’s Daybook~3

  1. I didn’t know you sewed your own clothes. Very cool.

    The weather here has been glorious as well. I’m appreciating the mild days and cool nights.

  2. What a great photo, Fenway is on our “someday” list. And, I am so glad you are following my instructions – fluff books are so good when you have a school break.

    Did I know you sew? That’s awesome!

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