Colder than usual winter

Start saving your pennies now so you can pay for your higher than normal heating bill.  According to the 2009 Farmer’s Almanac, this year’s winter will be a chilly one.  Read about it here.

Just what I wanted to here.  Yuck.  And of course, electricity rates in the State of PA are going to be deregulated this coming year which means a 35% increase in heating costs for many of us who heat our homes with electricity.

I think I better buy some extra long johns.


3 thoughts on “Colder than usual winter

  1. Never could see the value of deregulation. Seems to encourage greed and stupidity. Enron is only the tip of the ice berg. Our utility here in Montana went out of business, after the top officers lined their pockets.

    Plus, we’ve had 40 years or more to get ready for this change in energy sources. The oil companies really did block most every attempt to develop a rational transition.

    Just hope we learn before things get REALLY BAD !!

  2. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. It was a relatively mild summer here (not to far south of you) compared to other summers, and last winter wasn’t too bad. I guess its time.

  3. Get yourself a nice woolly hat too ! You lose 30% of body heat through the head……

    Our fuel bills have risen by 37% in the last month. I don’t think we can afford to use the central heating; we shall toast in the room with the wood-burning stove instead !

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