RNC & Palin’s Speech

People who know me, know that I do not DO politics, even during an election year.  Yes, I read about the candidates, listen to their positions and promises, and then vote in the hopes that it wasn’t a completely irresponsible pull of the lever.  However, this year is different.

Sarah Palin has grabbed my interest.  Enough that I listened to her entire speech at the RNC.  Heck, I even listened to Former Mayor Rudy Guiliani.  The one thing that I absolutely cannot stand, no matter who is making the speech is the negative slams that go back and forth between the parties and the candidates.  Frankly, I don’t give two bits about the negative stuff. I want to know what YOU stand for!  Geesh!  The rhetoric makes me want to vomit, to be perfectly blunt.  Thus the slams voiced by Guiliani and Palin, despite hers being a bit more smooth in deliverance, evoked the same feeling.

For a first time speech in front of a huge audience, both at the convention and on nationally broadcasted television, I thought she did a heck of a good job.  She was confident, funny, direct, and pulled no punches.  She grabbed the heartstrings of any parent or caregiver that has a special needs child, people who live in small town America, hockey moms, PTA parents, and parents of teens who were/are pregnant.  I liked her.  I liked her a lot.

She lives in a town that raises children like Levi who got on a plane to stand by the side of his pregnant girlfriend and held her hand.  That says a lot about the young man.  Yes, yes, I know…pregnancy outside of wedlock, he got her pregnant,…blah, blah.  But I ask, how many young men step up to the plate in a situation like that?  Very few.

I am not sure how I feel about a woman being in the second seat in the White House, and the potential of being in the first.  It just doesn’t seem right somehow.  Does a woman belong in such a position of leadership?  Are women made with the internal fortitude to make those tough decisions at 3:00 a.m.?  I mean, what if she is PMSing and the decision needs to be made to pick up that red phone?  And I am not trying to be funny!  Have you people ever tried to deal with a woman who is pre-menopausal or PMSing?! We can be very, very cranky!!  Also, women are made to give life.  We are made to nurture.  We are made to be a help meet.

Yet at the same time I am rather frosted at the fact that people (specifically the media) toss out the same exact statements!  She has a special needs child.  Where will she be when Trig needs his mommy?  Or for that matter any of her children? What?  The kids don’t have a dad?!  Of course they do!

Yes I know.  I am talking out of both sides of my mouth.  That is evidence of my torn feelings about the Palin V.P.  Perhaps I am just an old conservative type who is having a hard time moving with the times. I just don’t know.  I do know that during the next two months, I shall be doing some praying in order to vote responsibly.

However, we must admit, the lady has guts.  And I admire her greatly for her courage to step up to the plate like she has.

And heck, what’s not to love about the woman who made the comment…

…”What’s the difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull?  Lipstick!”

True.  Too true.


7 thoughts on “RNC & Palin’s Speech

  1. Suzanne, I’ve seen many families headed by widows and widowers. The families headed by widows always manage somehow. The widowers never do.

    Sol — you might want to consider that it was Georgia that invaded South Ossetia, which has always considered itself part of Russia, and in fact *was* part of Russia till being handed over by one of the Communist regimes. The US intervention in “Kosovo” is less defensible than Russia’s reaction to Georgia.

    Finally, Trudy — geez, after all, it *is* your blog! — I don’t think they come any more traditional and conservative than I do (well, maybe they do — for a long time, I described myself as “American’s only socialist conservative,” at least till I met up with the Crunchy Con movement), and I *love* Palin. She tells it like it is, and I think that’s what this country needs.

  2. I am generally a traditionalist when it comes to the role of men and women in politics, but sometimes you need a woman when there aren’t men there to pull their weight or stand for righteousness. There was a time when Israeil needed Deborah.

    I have to say I think Levi was the weak link in it all. I think he was there because he was pressured to be there. That being said, Levi isn’t running for VP, and neither is Bristol for that matter.

    But Sarah is tough as nails. I don’t think she will have to make any more executive decisions if elected, because the President’s health is monitored very closely. Yes, there is always the chance, but a President hasn’t died in office from health related issues since 1945. FDR had enormous health problems in the last three years of his life and 1940s medical technology.

    Of course we can’t know when God pulls the number of any individual, so there is always the possibility of a Palin presidency. In that situation, I would suggest that bullies like Vladimir Putin ought to be very careful about invading little neighbours during certain times of the month.

    As for Ken’s comment, I think it’s too bad that there are people tired of Red Meat Republican speeches. I suppose some people prefer Pink and Green platitudes in front of a syrofoam temple.

  3. I understand all of your misgivings; however, I think a woman can make a critical decision at 3 a.m. as well as any man. And, yes, I’ve seen (and been) a woman PMSing, as you say. After all, it’s the woman who makes those occasional critical decisions about her children when the Dad is out of town on business, or fighting in Iraq or wherever, or, God forbid, deceased. I’ve seen women “hold it together” in a crisis better than a man, but I suppose that can be an individual thing.

    I, too, though, am pulled both ways, especially regarding the problem of her, the Mama, “being there” when her children need her; and sometimes Mama is who is needed and not Dad. Although Dad can do a great job most of the time.

    At any rate, I think she’s a good choice, considering the choices of politicians out there.

  4. From down here, she seems as one strong, intelligent and capable woman — and my personal views are generally to the left than the right.

    My prayers for all in the US as the election proceeds.

  5. As someone who got pregnant at 17 and am happily married to the father, I agree wholeheartedly – it is fabulous that he is stepping up to the plate.

  6. Like you, I thought she did a great job with the speech they gave her to read from the prompter. My greatest fear is that MdCain will not live another 4 years. Melanoma is unforgiving, and I doubt that he got that at the Hanoi Hilton. Of course, I grew up a West Virginia Democrat like my father.

  7. Note:

    Trudy, don’t read my blog — I’m not as reasoned as you — nor as nice. And, I really don’t have much patience for Red Meat Republican speeches.

    Cos Ken

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