New specs!

For the last three or so weeks I’ve had a non-stop headache.  My sinuses are killing me!  I know that ragweed season is upon us and clearly those allergens have taken up residence in my head.  Despite taking my meds, my cheekbones and teeth hurt!  Thank goodness I see the allergist Tuesday.  I hope he has some suggestions.

I thought it would be wise to visit the eye doctor too.  Perhaps my prescription has changed and that was a contributing headache factor.  After all, it has been two years since my last visit.

When I called to make my appointment, I discovered my doctor has retired and her partner is seeing her patients now.  Well…darn it all…but okay…I’ll meet with the other doctor.  To my surprise I found out she lives right around the corner from me!! Ha!

The examination revealed that I need new lenses.  No surprise there.  Since I wear biofocals and have since I was 40, I knew I needed a stronger reading lense because I keep taking my glasses off to read.  It just is more comfortable and easier to see.  Unfortunately it requires holding a book almost up to my nose, but I digress.

What I didn’t plan on was needing new distance lenses too.  Apparently my “bad” eye has gotten better.  I am very nearsighted but now not so much anymore!  Double ha!  Not unusual was that my astigmatism has gotten worse.  The doc explained that since the eye is living tissue, with age the tissue changes.  Thus the eyeball has changed shaped again only it didn’t get more spherical which would have been good.  Nope.  It got more mishapen.  So I needed the astigmatism corrected too.

For the first time in my life, with my new glasses, my vision will be 20/15!  Unbelievable!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen that good before in my life.  Heck, they had trouble correcting me to 20/20! 

And what did these new spectacles set me back?  A whopping $525!!!  Holy cow!!

(Maybe I can persuade the hubster to take a pic of me with the new specs and new hair-do/color so I can post it for ya’lls viewing….um…pleasure.)


7 thoughts on “New specs!

  1. Yes…

    “What do we want? Photos! When do we want them? Now!”
    [repeat ad nauseum :)]

    My new glasses set me back a fair more than I thought too. Lenses, especially if you need bi-focals I imagine, are rather pricey.

    Great news about the vision though. Hurrah.

  2. good gravy lady that was a very expensive pair of glasses. Guess I was lucky . I was able to keep my old frames and just had the lenses changed at a mere 175.00. mc/ paid for the office visit. I don’t know what I would do if my eye Dr. retired, I have been his patient since I was 16 yo.

  3. I have variable focus and still take my glasses off to read. Don’t have to hold the book so close though. I see my Doc at least once a year. He now has me using drops to prevent glaucoma. You may know that I see only with the right eye. Any sort of disease – forget it.

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