Several more pieces have been completed and the fun continues.  I continue to like what is coming from my fingers and  press my fellow students to look with a critical eye and offer suggestions for improvement.  The other students have produced some excellent work!  I only wish I had their work to share with you.  For people who have never drawn in their lives, what they have drawn is unbelievable.


Our homework was to “draw a landscape” so I drew our backyard.  I thought the trees look a little too “flame like” but the professor said she liked the “feel of the movement suggesting wind”.  Whatever.  LOL!

This is a landscape from the back of the college.  The thing in the middle that looks like a door is a black sheet metal sculpture.  It was sunset.  I particularly like this one but not as much as the first landscape I did.  I need to work on my patience while drawing.  The strokes in this picture show my impatience.

This homework assignment was using graphite, draw a still life from three different perspectives.  I used numbered pencils HB, 2B, 3B, 4B, 6B, and a charcoal pencil.  The higher the number, the softer the lead.  Top left arrangement was drawn first (09-16-08) while seated on a couch.  Top right arrangement was drawn second (09-17-08) while seated on a couch.  The bottom arrangement was drawn third (09-18-08) seated on the floor and up close to the objects.  These thumbnail sketches “feel” good to me.  I like their arrangements.  I feel that I captured the shadowing pretty well.  I like drawing with pencil much better than charcoal.  I also like the smaller size.  It feels like less pressure to fill a smaller area with something than an 18 x 20 sheet of white paper.  The latter is a lot of ground to cover!


10 thoughts on “Progress

  1. As good as your drawings are, your enthusiasm and joy in creating them comes through in your blog entries. You definitely need to keep it up even after class is over.

  2. They are all really good. I can’t pick a favourite, though I tend to be more of a landscape person which would give the first two the edge.

    Well done!

  3. Yes, I immediately “saw the wind” in your backyard trees, whether you intended to draw it that way or not. It’s really good.

    The leafy part of the trees in the second landscape seems to float above the tree trunks and limbs; they don’t seem really attached to the trees. They’re more like clouds caught in the tree limbs.

    I like your still lifes best, but then I like still lifes more than anything, anyway. You have captured those objects very well. They seem to be together, sit on the table, and the proportion and perspective seems right to me. Your shading is good, too. Here’s a hint: to make objects “pop” out of the background and look more 3-D, make your darkest shadows darker; also, if there’s a very bright reflection on a surface, put very dark right next to very light highlight. You’ll be surprised what happens!

    You’re doing very well!

  4. Your backyard trees reminded me of the time when a tornado went through our backyard . That happened when we still had the Arborvitae only the branches were going in the opposite direction. Really good job. Thank You.

    The other drawings are really good too. I am very excited for you DD.

  5. Who could have guessed? An artist among us. I have to agree with your prof on the back yard trees. I really liked it before I realized that there was more to come.

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