“Uncle” Bunny?

Many thanks to my Mamita for the segueway to a story of Gretta and Bunny.  And many thanks to all who shared some very wonderful stories from their lives!  If you’ve not taken a moment to read them, you really must!

Sadly, I do not remember them at all.  I have a vision of snow white hair, but that may be Uncle Eddie’s hair.  The one thing I do recall is the darkness of their living room and a Japanese lacquer 3-panel room divider in a corner of the room near some high windows.  Thus I must have been in their house at some point but as Mamita pointed out, I was a stroller sized peanut at the time…so what is that…maybe 2 years old?

Does anyone remember anything from so young an age?

To answer my own question, the earliest memory I have is of a warm sunshiney day, being in bed with sheets that were rainbow pastel striped, crisp and white.  Mamita tells me they were sheets on a day bed.  Since my “little” brother is 13 months younger than I, quick math informs me I must have been ousted out of the crib by the little interloper and put in a day bed at the tender age of 14 months.  LOL!  The little guy always did take things that belonged to me!!  LOL!

It is only fair, dear readers, that I tell you that these dear people were “family” by right of love not blood.  Thus Uncle Bunny, Aunt Gretta, Uncle Eddie and Aunt Helen were neighbors who loved us and whom we loved, but not blood relatives.  Sometimes those types of “family” members are better than the ones related by “blood.”

What is your earliest fond memory dear Reader?

Did you have an “Uncle” Bunny (what is up with the feminine name for a guy?)?

Did you/do you have “family” by right of love not blood?

I’d love to hear your stories if you want to share.


One thought on ““Uncle” Bunny?

  1. I’m surprised no one has responded to this.

    My earliest clear memory is of waking up on New Year’s Day at my “new” grandmother’s house, and finding myself in a room full of sleeping adults. Everywhere I looked — on beds, on the floor, on the sofa — they were sprawled, sound asleep. I had a hard time finding my mother and her fiance, who would become my stepfather at the end of that month, but eventually I did find her — tried to wake her up — was told to go back to bed — and I don’t remember anything more after that. But then, I had just turned three.

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