Stroll through the Blogosphere

As is my usual practice, after taking my first “med” of the day and needing to “wait 30 mins. before eating,” I took a stroll through the blog-o-sphere.  Here are the finds for today.

Read Susie’s Meanderings entry for today found here.  Though she was born in 1948, several of her “memories” I share though I was born in 1959.  I think I shall try to cobble together a list of my own for tomorrow’s posting.

Anthony Esolen has a great entry on Mere Comments found here.  The Esolen Rules for marriage brought a chuckle, yet the wisdom in them is worth a read.

Father John Whiteford has a read-worthy post, as well as a video of the early discussion regarding Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s wrongdoings.  Republicans were crying, “(R) Rep Shay, “Fannie Mae has manipulated OFEO for years.” and the Dems were saying, “Don’t give someone heart surgery when they don’t need it.” (D) Congressman Rep. Meeks.  Well, the patient now needs to be hooked up to something to replace the failed heart and the “something” is the tax payers pockets.  Read and listen here.


One thought on “Stroll through the Blogosphere

  1. ‘Thanks for the blog plug, Phillipa.

    Anthony Esolen’s Rules for Marriage are really good. I wish I’d had them for my children when they were “that age.” But they probably wouldn’t have paid any attention to them.

    My dh had yesterday off, so he/we spent the entire day (eek!) watching the House proceedings live online, then watching the interview, then reading the articles……. Today I’m taking off from the craziness.

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