I remember…

Following the idea of Suzanne in her Meanderings, I thought it would be fun to remember things of the past 49 years.  I was born on this day in 1959.  Whether I remember as much as Suzanne is doubtful, but it will be fun trying.

1)      Despite the fact that The Twilight Zone premiered in October 1959, I did not ever watch the program.  The music alone scared me half to death!

2)      My dad used to tease me by telling me that Larry the Eggman dropped me off on the doorstep in answer to my question, “Where did I come from?”

3)      Larry the Eggman, who used to deliver fresh eggs to our front door step weekly, once carried me to said front door when, on my way to school, I tripped off the curb and twisted my ankle.  Therefore, I guess item # 2 is an accurate statement!

4)      The Ed Sullivan Show was a weekly favorite of my grandmother’s.  Of course, I only watched in the hope of seeing Topo Gigio!

5)      Lawrence Welk was another of her favorites.

6)      I did not like the Beatles when they first starred on The Ed Sullivan Show (February 1964).  It was quite some time later that I came to like them.

7)      Mother sat in front of the TV on an ugly pale green hassock crying buckets of tears when JFK was shot and the funeral procession was shown.  I hadn’t a clue what was going on.

8)      Milk used to come in glass quart bottles with paper caps.  When left on the front door step in the winter, sometimes they froze and the glass broke.

9)      Stamps were 12 cents.

10)  Gasoline used to be pumped by an attendant.  When it changed to self-serve, my dad had to take me out to teach me how to do it.

11)  Dad also taught me how to change a flat tire, for which I have been forever grateful!

12)  Razzle Dazzle bubble gum was the best, especially when purchased from the Mr. Softie ice cream truck.

13)  Being a city girl, we did not go to the swim club on hot summer days.  Instead, some teenage boy opened the fire-hydrant up the block and we played it the spray or in the street gutters as the water teemed down the block.

14)  Go-go boots were the hot ticket and if memory serves me, I received a pair for Christmas!  Wooo-hooo!

15)  Sleeping in pink sponge rollers so my mother could make my hair look like Shirley Temple’s.

16)  The TV repair man coming to visit and fix the TV.  He would take the back off and put in new tubes.  Very cool!

17)  The insurance man coming and grandmom having a special leather purse in the closet out of which she took her payment to give to him.

18)   Phones number had prefixes like Kingswood 4-5757.



2 thoughts on “I remember…

  1. In regard to #8 on your list. Id like to remind you that sometimes as the milk started to freeze and before the bottle broke, sometimes the cream rose to the top a few inches. When I was a little girl I would go to a few doorsteps in the morning, with a bowl and spoon and collect as much cream as I could for my oatmeal. When I got caught my Mother told me I had to confess to the stolen cream as it was against the 10 Commandments. The priest hollered at me. You can bet I never did that again.

  2. Great memories, Phillipa. Now that you mention it, I remember the pink sponge rollers, too. They were such a relief from the hard plastic ones. Isn’t it fun to walk down memory lane?

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