The “Doin’s” of the Day

After sleeping in a bit this morning and the rain dissipating, the hubster and I spent 4 hours cleaning out the front garden bed which had become a major cultivation area for thistle weeds.  These are nasty weeds that grow as tall as four feet.  They have very pretty purple flowers but the leaves are spiked with little nasty needles that give me hives whenever they scratch my skin.

We donned garden gloves and I, a long sleeved shirt, we went out with hoe and pick-axe to break up the ground and pull out weeds and bulbs.  We also trimmed all the bushes and trees.  We hauled off 6 bags of yard muck and we still are not done.

But boy it sure feels good to see the area clean.  I hope to get some mums planted in the coming days to give the area some color.