…windows!  Ah!!!

Today I washed the windows on the first floor, inside and out, along with the screens.  A big job that needed doing.  I’m glad it is done but boy do I hate cleaning windows!


4 thoughts on “Clean…

  1. I am *so* envious. Due to circumstances known only too well to you and others of your readers, I have been unable to wash my windows for two years now (and the year before that, our street was being repaved, so it would have been worse than stupid even to open a window). I can’t *stand* dirty windows. I’m not sure what I’m going to do about it, but it’s medically impossible for me to clean windows, and you would not believe how frustrating it is. So — enjoy those clean windows, and say a prayer for me next time you have to wash them.

  2. I gave up on the outside windows a long time ago. Just the inside windows for me. Let nature clean the outside.

  3. Mimi’s response gave me such a chuckle. I usually get streaks,

    One of our neighbors uses a special Windex bottle that connects to a hose. I think her hubby raises and lowers the storms while she hoses or vice a versa.

    My goodness Phillipa you did that huge house by yourself ?
    The thought of it leaves me weak.

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