You have GOT to be kidding?!!

Nancy Pelosi is absolutely nuts.  There is absolutely no way this should happen.

And every single one of the AIG execs who enjoyed their spa retreat and massage ought to get their softened butts fired and be made to repay every single penny of that $440,000 out of their own pockets!!



4 thoughts on “You have GOT to be kidding?!!

  1. For all the talk of “we have to do something about this economic crisis,” I don’t see the dirtbags responsible for it being sent to jail. Then again, Washington might be significantly emptier if all guilty parties were clapped in chains.

    And is Pelosi planning on borrowing money from China for the new “economic stimulus package” like the one earlier this year? The only way I could see this one being any good at all for the economy is to get it to everyone by early December, so they can save the retail industry. Even then, let’s not and say we did.

  2. You got it right there. They should pay up and be made to wash the windows of their sky scraper!

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