In and Out

Obama is in.

Let’s see if he keeps his promise to get the troops out as fast as he said he would.


3 thoughts on “In and Out

  1. It is probably true that the President-Elect will not be able to keep all his promises.

    However, I would also say that no President was able to keep *all* of their campaign promises. No person is able to keep *all* of their promises.

  2. I hope everyone will be watching 60 minutes on Sunday November 16th. He cannot possibley keep all the promises he made. It sure would be nice if he could. I can wait to see what he can do, if anything. I think he is a charlatan.

  3. Probably as quickly as the Democrats in Congress did when they got their majority in 2006. It seems like Iraq’s going to show us the door and say, “Thanks, we have this under control now” first, which will constitute a victory to me.

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