Obviously no one else laughed at the Italian Prime Minister’s comment about President-Elect Obama being, “young, good looking and tanned” but I did.  Read about it here.  I guess that it because I am Italian and understand where the back-handed compliment is coming from.  One only need to take a stroll down any southern Italian coast line or any such other sunny and beautiful place to see all the male sunbather’s in their little speedo bathsuits oiled up for good tanning conditions to understand what Berlusconi was referring to.

I sure hope it isn’t going to be a long 4 years with this kind of stuff.


2 thoughts on ““Tanned”…who…me?

  1. Oh did I ever laugh at this one. I can hardly wait till morning when I can show this to Daddy. Gianfalco’s Obama kit was so good.
    I love Italians and their sense of humor. Since I had surgery and started Chemo Daddy has me laughing over some silly thing or anothera ton of times every day. Thanks for sharing this.

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