And you look so young!

Friday we celebrated DS’s 28th birthday. Thank you, yes, the hubster and I DO look soooooo young! The boy, however, is looking mature and older. His features have that grown man look; the chiseld jaw line, the strong forehead…sigh…he’s a nice lookin’ kid if I do say so myself.

  • The boy asked for quite the celebratory meal, which is a family tradition in our home. He requested the following:
    Scrippelle soup (thin French crepes sprinkled with parmesan cheese and rolled. Once placed in a bowl, hot boiling chicken broth is poured over top. Yummy!)
    Shrimp & Pasta Alfredo
    Couscous with diced tomatoes, scallions and fresh parsley
    Homemade birthday cake
    White wine

I started cooking at 2:30 and did not finish until 6:00. The feet were tired. But the dinner was fabulous if I do say so myself! I’ve never made Alfredo sauce before. The recipe I was given was super duper easy and delicious!! It is a keeper and definitely will be repeated.

The photo shows the boy opening his birthday present. A one of a kind present; painted and framed by yours truly. He really liked it as did his girlfriend. I showed the gang the rest of my work and the boy has laid claim to another drawing I did which I will post in the coming day or so.




6 thoughts on “And you look so young!

  1. Yeah, I know the feeling of shock when you look at what used to be a cute, chubby, loveable little face and see a grown man staring back at you. Many years to him, and to you!

  2. Wow! That is gorgeous! Good job, mom! And Many Years to your son!

    And, yum – I’ve never heard of scripple soup. but I will have to do a veggie one of them after Nativity!

  3. Happy Birthday and many year to ds. I agree, alfredo sauce is super easy.

    My kids are so boring. We also let them pick out their b-day dinner – its usually pizza or chinese. I guess someday I’ll actually get the *make* a b-day dinner. LOL

    love the picture.

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