Yes, I am a cheapskate!

Once a month (I think), I receive a free issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine from some promotional thing.  Honestly, I can’t even remember how I started receiving it!  Isn’t that pathetic?  Geesh.  Anyway, I opened the package to peruse the pages when the first issue arrived.  All subsequent issues have gone into the recycling bin since then.  What a waste of a magazine.

Last month I opened the plastic covering to look at something inside and was struck by the perfumey smell.  So I flipped through the pages and found 6 perfume sample pages; the kind where you peel a piece of the pages edge away and there is powdered perfume underneath.  I said to myself, “Self, this smells really nice.  Why not put it in the underwear drawer to make your undies smell nice.”  Self agreed that this was brilliant.  So I tore out all 6 pages of various sample perfumes (Which by the way cost $75 per ounce to purchase!)

One page went in the top drawer with the lingerie.  One page went in the bottom drawer with the flannel pajamas.  Might as well smell nice while I sleep, eh?  The other four went into my dressing closet where I apply the occasional swipe on my inner wrists and behind the ears to smell nice for the day.

Today another issue arrived.  In I went to rip and tear the perfume pages.  I then said to myself, “Self, those are 8 inch long strips.  If you cut them into thirds you can multiply your perfume collection three times.”  Self thought this was another brilliant idea.

Now I have a nice little pile of perfumy pages to apply to inner wrist and behind the ear on days I want to smell especially nice.  Cost:  a big fat zero.  “A significant savings,” self said to me.  “There’s nothing nicer than ‘free’.”

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I am a cheapskate!

What money saving ideas do you have to share on this fine day when the Dow took another little plunge?

Has anyone noticed that gas prices are down?  I paid a whopping $1.97/gallon today!  Why, I ask, why is this the case?  Have the oil barons made enough money in the third quarter that they are feeling generous during the holiday season?  Geesh.

I digress dear readers.  Back to money saving tips.  Share and share alike.


9 thoughts on “Yes, I am a cheapskate!

  1. hahahahaha! so funny. yes, I am a cheapskate too.
    but can’t think of any tips off the top of my head just yet.
    hmmmm. will give it more thought…

  2. Something I did today, and have done many times previously.

    From 1 hour or so before closing time, many takeaway shops in Food Courts in Shopping Centres here sell their left-over food at very low rates. Usually $6 each, I picked up a Singapore Noodles dish and an Hokkien Noodles dish for $4 total. That is two lunches this week for me. 🙂 Another shop gives me 3 dishes for $5.

  3. Great Idea. I have a favorite Avon Fragrance that my avon rep gives me the sample packets she isnt using. I love to keep them in with my jammies

  4. I thought that what had driven the price of oil so high was the futures speculators on Wall Street — now that the Street has tanked, why speculate?

  5. When I was a librarian, we used to get 17 Magazine. They had the same perfumy things. The smells gave me horrible headaches. I used to beg the girls to rip them out so I wouldn’t have to take my aspirin. Now I know I was just helping the young ladies save money 😉

  6. I keep two empty gallon milk containers in the bathtub; when I shower they collect the extra water (and the water from waiting for it to get hot). Then I have water for the yard, which also reminds me to water the plants there. It also serves as a good shower timer, helping me save water that way, too.

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