Final Art Project

The semester is winding down.  Next Monday is my last art class.  My portfolio is prepared.  All required pieces are taped and numbered so I can get them up on the display board quickly for the prof’s review.

For our last drawing project, we were asked to do a postmodern piece.  I collected 6 pictures from various sources (magazines, internet, etc.)  With them I put together a collage.  Then, with all the mediums we used during the semester I drew portions of each picture on to a piece of 22 x 30 watercolor paper (medium weight).

I decided to do a piece that symbolized my faith.  The concept started with a photo of a diamond in the bottom of a martini glass.   I decided to use the diamond as the framework in which all else would go.  Here is a photo of the finished piece.  Explanation will follow.


The center of the diamond symbolizes the core Truth; there is only one way to Truth, the Alpha & the Omega, the Trinity.  Out of darkness came light; thus the closest area to the center is pure black ink.  Then I watered down the ink with each successive ring around the “one way.”  Medium:  black ink wash.  This demonstrates negative space drawing.  The arrows and words are the pure white paper around which I put the ink wash.

The point on which everything rests, per Blessed Father Sophrony, is Christ Jesus our Savior and Lord.  Because of this fact, this section is the only one in color.  Medium:  color pencils & wash.


A cork screw breaking into a cork in a bottle.  This symbolizes my need to drive deep down into the teaching, theology, Truth, Faith, etc.  Medium:  Vine charcoal.

A house.  This symbolizes that I need to be a Christian at home.  Medium:  graphite pencils (assorted softness).

Front doors of my church.  This symbolizes that I need to attend Church to worship God, fellowship with my brethren, and receive the sacraments.  Medium:  Black and white conte crayon.

Up close of the foundation of a house.  This symbolizes that my faith needs to be built on a solid foundation not sand.  Medium:  graphite pencils (assorted softness).

Up close cork screw.  This symbolizes my distored “self” and the need to drive deep into the faith.  This is a portion of the same picture with the cork in the bottle.  Medium:  vine charcoal.

Dome atop my church.  This symbolizes that I am an Orthodox Christian.  Medium:  black and white conte crayon.

Parchment with Hebrew words.  From top to bottom:  Yahweh, Hallelujah, Adonai.  This symbolizes the Word.  Medium:  grey pastel and black sharpie marker.

The star.  This symbolizes the cross on which Christ hung, the star of Bethlehem which leads me, and the sparkle, preciousness, clarity of the Truth.

This is probably the most personal piece of art work I have ever created.  I am very pleased with the result and will be framing this one for myself.  Afterall, you can’t give away every piece you create now can you?


8 thoughts on “Final Art Project

  1. This peice is so magnificent that it brought tears to my eyes. How wonderful to know that my darling daughter has such a stron and beautiful faith. God bless you my Dearest Heart of Hearts

  2. Philippa: you are simply superb — and talented. What a gloriously meaningful, beautiful and extremely personal as you wrote, piece. And happy to read you are keeping it for yourself.

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