Post Thanksgiving OR Thanksgiving Post!

One down (Thanksgiving).  Two to go (Christmas & New Year’s).

There is much I love about the holiday season.  Crisp air.  Good food.  Loving family.  Catching up with those we see infrequently.  However, it produces stress for me.  Perhaps because the “regular stuff” of life does not stop when the season arrives.  The requirements of the season are just layered on top of it.  Perhaps it will be different next year.  Anyway,  I have not yet figured out how to handle that.

Why will it be different next year, you ask?  Because…I GRADUATE MAY 17TH!!  Yeppers!  The paperwork is rolling right along.  Thanks be to God.

Thanksgiving weekend was spent at the hubster’s brother’s house located a bit further south of our hometown.  We arrived on Thanksgiving Day, enjoyed a delicious dinner and dessert, and enjoyed laughter and frivolity.  Clean-up was pretty simple and quick.  I still haven’t figured out why but it does not much matter.

Friday the hubster and his bro played a round of golf in which both hit 90.  A good round for them.  I spent time catching up on the necessary sketchs for my sketchbook review tomorrow night and starting my third Lit. paper.

Saturday my two SIL’s and I made children sized hospital gowns to be sent to Sierra Leon.  My one SIL is involved in Girl Scouts.  One of the Scouts is working towards her Gold Award.  Her project is to send a finished supply of hospital gowns to a mission hospital in Sierra Leon.  It was fun to do and felt right to be doing something for little ones that might make them smile.  The fabric choices were all bright and cheery colors with a variety of characters, etc. on them.  SIL did a good job picking them out.  We got three or four made before the sewing machine bit the dust.  So we cut out the rest of them and did as much as we could that required ironing.  She’ll deliver them to the Scout who will zip them up on a machine that works.

The weekend ended with a joyful celebration for the hubster’s Mother who celebrated her 90th birthday on the 17th.  I hope to have a few pictures once the hubster downloads them on the computer.  Mom looked absolutely fabulous!  And the CCRC chef, where she and Dad live, made an absolutely delicious dinner for 24.  It was a great celebration made even more special because Mom has had several serious illnesses in the last two or so years where we did not think she would pull through.  As usual, she surprised us all!

While I enjoy seeing family and traveling (once I am out the door), it is always a comfort to come home again.

Glory and thanks to God for all and in all things!


5 thoughts on “Post Thanksgiving OR Thanksgiving Post!

  1. Elizabeth, are you serious?!?!?! Let the poor girl enjoy her degree for a little while!!! 😉

    Philippa, congratulations — I know from personal experience how different it is to attend school as a “non-trad,” and what a slog it is to combine school requirements with the minutiae of daily life. You deserve a loooooooong break, and I hope the hubster takes you on a cruise or something special to celebrate. I’ll be thinking of you on May 17!

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