Da kidz

These pics were taken by the hubster with his new camera.  He is still learning the in’s and out’s, but these still came out very, very good.  The hubster has a very creative eye for these types things.  If he will let me, I shall post some of his “experiments.”  Until then, enjoy these pictures of our children…a term I use loosely as DD is 23 and DS is 28.  I am so pleased with how nice they look together!



4 thoughts on “Da kidz

  1. Ahh!Such wonderful and beautious Grand Babes. I wish I had these in a hard copy ti add to my wall of family. They have grown so much in the last year. The hubster did a great job. But then he always new how to take beautiful pictures. He has a great eye for just about everything. Just look in the mirror.

  2. What a lovely pair of children you have. Congratulations! (And you should know that they *never* stop being your children.)

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