Back in the day

Today the hubster and I finished decorating the house for Christmas.  We are about two weeks behind schedule but since we have a fake tree (due to my allergies) we will be able to leave it and the other decorations up until mid-January.  Not having kids around the house to help push the decorating date earlier probably has something to do with it. Though I did mention to the hubster, “Should we be blessed with grandkiddies, we’ll need to get into the swing of things earlier than this.”  The pitter-patter of little feet change everything.

Reading about Elizabeth’s puppydog, Basil, getting into the Christmas tree brought back a funny memory.  It is funny now but it sure was not funny then!

Back in the day, when DD was 2 years old, we had a dog whose name was Ember.  The hubster and kiddos were clamouring.  I gave in.  Off to the pound we went to get a 2 month old puppy.  We thought younger would be better so we could train him.  We came home with a beautifully adorable little puppy with the ‘assurance’ that ‘he won’t be any bigger than a labrador retriever.  I was okay with that.  Little did I know.

By the time he was 4 months old, which just so happened to be Christmas time, he was HUGE!  He was eating everything in sight, including my cross stitch pattern I was working on for a Christmas gift for my MIL.  Sigh.

One day, late morning, I was upstairs getting something and heard a loud crash.  I came barrelling down the stairs to the sight of the 7 foot real Christmas tree lying on its side in the living room.  Standing in the corner behind the previously standing tree was my DD and Ember.  Though he was sitting on his haunches, his head reached the same height as DD’s at the time.  Both looked at me with that guilty look…how can a dog do that?  

What could I do?  I stood there looking as stern as possible and sent both culprits to the other room…DD with crocodile tears coming out of her eyes and Ember slinking along beside her.  Once they were gone, I started to laugh!  Oh Lord!  I righted the tree, cleaned up the two broken ornaments, mopped up the water and vowed never to leave the dog and youngest alone together.

Rhodesian Ridgeback at 4 months old.  This is not Ember but he looked exactly like this.











A trip to the vet not long after revealed that Ember was not a Labrador Retriever but was a mix of Great Dane and Rhodesian Ridgeback.  Once he hit 6 months and weighed in at 100 pounds plus, I told the hubster I was not going to have a dog around the house that weighed more than I did.

Too bad I couldn’t last the duration of puppyhood.  Ember was a great dog.  Just great.  But Lord have mercy…the clean up was undescribable.

Rhodesian Ridgeback-full size.  Now add enough shoulder height to make the dog even with the handler’s waist and you’d have an idea of Ember at 6 months!!!  YIKES!!



3 thoughts on “Back in the day

  1. I love dogs, especially big dogs, although I’ve never owned one bigger than my Siberian Husky who died in the Summer of 2007. About 30 years ago when we were living in Arkansas, a friend of that time owned an English Mastiff. Now, that’s a big dog, and I fell in love with her the minute I laid eyes on her.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful memory! 🙂

  2. I still call Basil my puppy, and he will be 3 on New Year’s Eve !
    Where does the time go ?

    Have you got any photos of Ember ?
    She sounds a stunning dog, though I do so sympathise with the problems of having a dog bigger than you…..Basil is much stronger than I am, and almost as tall as me when he stands on his hind legs. He is a gentle soul, though 🙂

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