Made the list & am checking it twice!

Friday and Saturday saw the hubster and I hunkered down in the cozy homestead due to wintery weather.  We received a mix of ice, sleet, and snow which made driving less than ideal.  Unfortunately, this caused us to miss my side of the family’s Christmas celebration at my brother’s home.  The niece’s and nephew’s Christmas gifts will be sent by Santa the Postman this year.

The hubster built a nice fire and I attacked the list of “get done before Christmas”!

  • The presents are wrapped and snug under the tree.
  • 12 dozen pizzelle (Italian waffle cookies) made
  • 16 dozen Italian cookies made
  • 1 jelly roll pan of Candy Brickle Crunch made (with organic crackers and chocolate chips so I can eat it & boy did it turn out delicious)
  • 1 loaf of Italian bread
  • 6 quarts of caramel corn made
  • Ump-teen million dishes washed and rewashed

Still to do by Christmas Eve:

  • Make spaghetti sauce
  • Make more bread
  • Make Oatmeal cookies (with and without raisins)
  • Foodstore for more cooking/baking supplies
  • And I am SURE there is something I am forgetting!

The hubster received a telephone call from his brother yesterday.  Our niece will be going to college next fall and she thinks that this will be her last Christmas celebration with family.  Of course, this is not true by any stretch of the imagination, but we humor the child!  Since this dread ending of family celebrations occurs this Thursday, she is pressing her parents to “go visiting.”  So the niece and her Dad are baking cookies this weekend and shall bring them and mom/wife to our house Wednesday.  Christmas Day we shall trek to visit the in-laws, with prepared dinner of roast turkey in hand, to spend the day.  Since MIL is now 90, it is very difficult for her to travel, thus we go to her.

At the end of the day we will trek home again, where DS and his GF will have arrived to spend the weekend.  Friday we are planning to take a walking tour of Bethlehem-The Christmas City which will be fun.  We’ve done the bus tour before, but not the walking tour.  DD and her BF will arrive Saturday, which will be our “family” celebration.  We will have a full house from Wednesday to Saturday.  

And to think…the hubster was expecting it to be a quiet Christmas!



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