Happy New Year

To one and all, may God bless you with a prosperous and gentle 2009.

Unfortunately, a New Year’s trip to Ohio has been cancelled due to my coming down with a very nasty stomach flu. It has had me down for the count since 1:00 a.m. this morning.

I went to work Monday only to find out that my boss had been ill the entire night. The office I work out of is located in a spare room in the back of her personal home. I was surprised when I arrived to find the house dark and quiet. Usually by my 8:30 a.m. arrival time she is up and about for several hours. Not Monday. At 10:30 a.m. her husband came into the office to tell me she had been up all night quite ill. I will spare you the squeamish details! Since they had been out to dinner the previous evening, they both thought it was food poisoning. Unfortunately for us all, they were quite wrong.

Since I needed to touch all of her things on her desk (computer keyboard, pens, papers, etc.) I am sure I picked up the virus bug that way. It also did not help that as the day progressed and she felt marginally stronger, she called me to the door of her room to discuss some client projects.

I feel like a small truck hit me. That is an improvement from earlier when I felt like an 18-wheeler hit me. The hubster has done a fabulous job taking care of me. I am praying he does not come down with this because we have a winter vacation planned for next week. We are going to Puerto Rico for a few days.

nd so dear Readers, I wish you all a Happy and HEALTHY 2009. Thank you for your loyal reading!


7 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Oh my; my prayers that you are feeling better soon and my warmest wishes and prayers for a blessed 2009.

    And thank you for your loyal posting; it has been a particularly fascinating year!

  2. oh no !

    Having had two bouts of it in a week, I can only shudder at how bad you must be feeling……..

    Despite that,
    A Happy and Blessed 2009 !

  3. Uncle Curmudge, I did get my flu shot!! Perhaps this is more of a virus than flu. I dunno.

    Laura, thanks!

  4. Sure glad I have had my annual flu shot! Get well. You don’t want to miss Puerto Rico – Ohio is forgettable.

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