Am finally reaching full throttle of feeling better.  Am glad for it too.  Thanks for the thoughts and prayers.

The hubster and I went to see a movie this afternoon – Marley & Me.  It was a very cute movie and, of course, Marley the golden lab stole the show.  I was not overly impressed with Owen Wilson and Jenifer Aniston’s acting but the movie really wasn’t about them.  I am looking forward to reading the book.  Most of the time I enjoy the book better than the movie anyway.

By reading DebD’s blog I found a cool website called,  I decided to sign up for the free account.  It will be interesting to count how many books I read this year.  I know of at least 6 right off the top of my head because of the King Arthur literature class I will be taking this semester!  Is that cheating?! Deb has a very nice book shelf of reading she’s done.  I am looking forward to perusing it to see what tickles my reading bone.

Ta-ta for now.


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  1. Reading for school *definitely* counts. Perhaps it counts for 2 books because you have to read it and then write at least a paper or two about it(and perhaps a test?). LOL.

  2. Ive had GoodReads for sometime now and add a book every once in a while. Annie go me a new Harlen Coben for Christmas. It’s pretty grim. I’ve also been reading Book of Lies. It’s hard to keep the characters straight. And what they are up to. I’ll probably finish Coben first. And, sometime ago I added a bunch of stuff I’ve read in the past, Like Sixteen Plays of Shakespeare. No “read” is cheating.

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