San Juan, Puerto Rico

The hubster and I took a little 5-day winter vacation last week.  We went to San Juan, Puerto Rico and stayed at the Caribe Hilton (thanks to all the points the hubster gets from his frequent hotel stays and airline trips).  

We had a lovely, lovely time.  Best of all, we relaxed.  The weather was warm, the air was breezy, the water was crystal clear and we soaked it all in.

The first full day there we toured El Yunque Rainforest which is part of the US National Park system.


Above is the Rainforest canopy.


Interior of the rainforest.


Bamboo:  Not native to Puerto Rico but brought in by the Chinese to help stem erosion.


Large Ferns


I was astonished to see how large some of the leaves were!


The orchids were unbelievably beautiful!


The orchid root system was fascinating.  They were extending out from the center and wrapping themselves around the column!


And here is the hubster and I standing in front of one of the waterfalls.

If you would like to see more of the photos, click here.  I will post tomorrow, showing the photos of our day in Old San Juan.


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