Hello Mr. President

Most of the blogosphere will be writing their thoughts and reflections on today’s events.  I wanted to share mine on this auspicious day.

Up early due to an 8:00 a.m. visit with a friend, by 11:30 I had most chores done, including a run to the food store, so I could watch the Inauguration at noon. 

Some things that struck me were:

  • The vast number of people on the Mall who wanted to be physically present to witness the transfer of power from Bush to Obama.
  • LOVED Aretha’s hat.  I want me one of dem!!
  • The number of American flags waving vigorously in the air.
  • The number of tears shed.
  • My own emotion.  Not because we have a bi-racial president but because of being struck by the smoothness and peaceful transfer of power.  We are the only country who transfers presidential leadership so peacefully.  This deeply moved me.
  • Michele Obama is one classy lady.  She is going to be “Mom-in-Chief.”  She is showing that family and her children take priority.  You go girl!
  • Lovely gift for Laura Bush from Michele Obama: an engraved pen & journal for her memoirs.
  • Barack used his middle name when taking the Oath of Office. 
  • Very cool that he was sworn into office using the same Bible Lincoln did.  

I could not help but notice the solemn look on President Obama’s face as he walked out to be seated before Inauguration started.  I wonder what he was thinking?  Something like, “Pinch me…am I dreaming?”, “I can NOT believe this is happening!”, “God help me!”  The Office is a heavy burden to carry.

I couldn’t help but think about former-President George W.  He’ll go to bed tonight, sleep the night through, and wake up to what?  How does one go from having his finger on the pulse of the world to not having that any longer?  Will he sleep in?  Have breakfast in bed?  Take a ride around the ranch?  Go fishing?  I dunno.  I do suspect, however, that Laura will be heaving a very heavy sigh of relief while she sips her first cup of java for the day.  It is hard to watch the one you love struggle.  I am sure that is not less for the spouse of a president.

Mr. President, you made a lot of promises.  You’ve already back pedalled from some.  You’ve a man who overlooked $34,000 in taxes as Treasury Secretary.  You’re former rival is Secretary of State.  You are being held up as an icon, a saint, a god almost.  Word up…don’t believe your press reports.  Your feet are in sand which is unstable and shifting.  Pray your way through the next four years.  That’s the only way you’re gonna get through them.

And Mr. President?  There are a lot of us out here who got your back, whether we voted for you or not.


4 thoughts on “Hello Mr. President

  1. I am such a sap, I was a blubbering mess. Those things always make me cry.
    I agree, it is quite an interesting time to be taking the reigns, prayers.

  2. Well said, Phillipa! Especially your last sentence. Mr. Obama has a Herculean task ahead of him–one that I doubt anybody could take on and fulfill. I just hope people leave him alone and let him do his job. It’s a huge burden, and I always wonder why *anyone* would even want to run for that office, and Mr. Obama has problems abroad and problems at home that have never existed before. He has my admiration for even attempting the job. No matter how we may have voted, he is now our President. May God protect him and help him!

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