A Woman’s Day Book for Today

A Woman’s Day Book for January 22.

Outside my window it is a cold and dark wintry night which was preceded by a colorful sunset of blue and orange-pink promising a warmer day tomorrow.
I am thinking about the program we just watched on public broadcasting called “Make’em Laugh “.  It is a history of comedy.  I had not realized how political the comedians were in the 60’s and 70’s.  I was just a kid so I guess a lot passed me by!
I am thankful for healthy children, a wonderful husbter, a warm home, and flannel sheets on this frosty night.
From the learning rooms Plato and Aristotle top the reading list.  My cyber- friend, Suzanna,  shared a very cool link to a claymation of Plato’s Forms which we will be discussing in Philosophy class Saturday.  You will find it here.
From the kitchen came the smell of spaghetti sauce made in preparation for the ziti’s and veggies I am making for Sunday’s coffee hour.  Our Bishop is coming and several ladies are preparing a portion of the meal so I do not need to do it all for my turn.
I am wearing big baggy white sweat pants, a blue turtleneck with red/yellow/white flowers, a red sweatshirt and my brand new pink micro-plush slippers thanks to DS.
I am creating nothing at the moment, sadly.  I look forward to creating once summer comes.
I am going to visit with Mother and Dad tomorrow, taking a meal along to share with them
I am reading “The Quest for the Holy Grail.”
I am hoping that the little headache I have does not turn into a full blown migraine and that my spiritual big brother receives some help and medical attention from his doctor tomorrow.
I am hearing the clink of ice in the hubster’s glass.
Around the house is the silence of night enhanced by the snow on the ground, the hum of electricity and the heaters.  This is a blessed time of the day.  Knowing that the hubster is in the other room and there is a comfort associated with that knowledge.
One of my favorite things is Necco’s candy hearts that come out only during Valentine’s Day shopping season.  I love those things!
A few plans for the rest of the week are to visit Mom and Dad tomorrow, head home to get some laundry done, prep for Saturday’s class from 9 to 2, and then get ready for Sunday, talk to DD who has her first college class Saturday too!
Here is picture thought I am sharing of snow in a friend’s back yard.  Shiver!!!



3 thoughts on “A Woman’s Day Book for Today

  1. I liked Victoria’s response “your daybook is a good inventory of
    thankfulness” Iliked it a lot. Kind of gave me a warm fuzzy feeling like when I was a kid in Fishtown.

  2. aah. I like daybooks. you’ve inspired me. I should do this too. it’s a good inventory of thankfulness.
    I love the snow. I’m jealous. though thankful that we finally had a white christmas on the ‘wet’ coast for the first time in years and years. of course it’s all gone now. though we usually get a little more in february.

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