An Interesting Day

Today has been just a regular ol’ day.  Nothing special has occurred.  It’s just been an interesting day full of little things.  Let me tell you about it.

Every Tuesday or Friday I meet with a lady who has asked me to be like a spiritual mother to her, though she is not Orthodox, in order to journey with her through a difficult period of her life.  What struck me is her perception of herself, which is that she is “fat and ugly.”  Understanding the journey of her life I can see how she has come to this conclusion; however, her perception of herself is so far off base it is not even funny.  She is really very beautiful and not the least bit “fat” in my estimation.  That is not the point though.

I shared with her my story of reaching the point after long, deep painful tears of being able to look at photos of myself and look at myself in the mirror and be able to think kind and gentle words of self-description.  My friend asked, “When will that happen to me?  When will that point come in my life?”

Fast-reverse to a few days ago:  I read the blog of a teenager who lives somewhere in the southern middle of the US.  Recently she wrote about late nights and the thoughts that trip through her mind.  She said, “All I actually long for during my thinking is to experience an epiphany.”  

Fast-forward to today:  This is basically the same question my friend had.  “When will the epiphany happen?”  My comment to her, as well as to this very intelligent and spiritually sensitive teenager, was the same.  “Your epiphany has already begun. Why else would you be contemplating what your life is like…”

For my friend, she has come to the place where she has said, “No more.  I will not allow [insert name] to treat me the way he/she has.”  Her epiphany, just like this teenager, has occurred…and continues…like it does for all of us.  I liken it to “working out your salvation with fear and trembling.”  As we journey on this weary path of life, we who love the Lord with all our hearts, all our minds and all our souls, are obeying the commandment to “Be holy as I AM holy.”  The epiphany is not once and done.  It is on going.  It is sanctification.  It is salvation.

Secondly, in my stroll through the blog-o-sphere, Fr. Stephen had a very good post that is pertinent to the above about “Understanding Anger“.  Though his post is about so called ‘righteous anger’ and that never being found, angry thoughts/self-deprecating thoughts are not righteous either.  They harm our spirit.  They are given to us by the devil.  We need always remember, we are a beloved child of God.  No more.  No less.

The Orthodox Christian Education blog has a wonderful post with YouTube links to Elder Paisios which I commend to you here.  

And lastly is this good reminder from Matt on holiness.

This afternoon was spent traipsing through 2 food stores buying ingredients to make some various soups to freeze.  I really enjoy soups and salads for lunch or dinner.  Since most canned soups are high in sodium and contain soy, I need to make my own.  I found a nifty, easy recipe for making a cream based soup so I am going to experiment and make:  cream of asparagus soup and cream of tomato soup.  I also have a delicious recipe for Pumpkin Clam Soup which I will whip up.

And Mamita…I bought chicken livers to make you-know-what!  I will freeze some and bring it down with the computer monitor I have for you and Pop.

Leaving you with this photo thought.  It was taken by the hubster while we were in San Juan.  I love the composition.  



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  1. Loved your blog, loved your photo, Love you.

    Mamacita requests a hard copy of that photo please when you come down with all the other treats

  2. Thank you for this “Your epiphany has already begun. Why else would you be contemplating what your life is like…”… How very encouraging. Thanks again! and Thank God…

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