Sunday School lessons

This past Sunday’s school lesson was on the Presentation of Christ in the Temple.  We focused on Simeon’s and the Prophetess Anna’s respective ages and that God blessed them with long life in order that they may meet the Christ Savior face-to-face, which then led into the discussion of whether we as an American culture value our elderly and view them as having wisdom or not.  Do we seek out their advice and guidance?  Or not?
Since understanding ‘age’ is an abstract concept that most young kids do not grasp, I tried to think of something tangible that would help.  The bag of different colored crepe streamers hiding in the closet came to mind!  Girl-Student is age 6 and Boy-Student is age 9.  They are siblings and come to church with their grandparents and great-grandparents.  Their great-grandfather is our choir director.  All this information will make sense as the story unfolds…just hang on! 
First we discussed how old Simeon was.  BS decided Simeon would be represented by an orange streamer that went better than half way across the classroom floor.
We then discussed how old their great-grandfather was (80).  GS decided he would be the blue streamer.  How long to make the streamer?  Well…if Simeon was that long and great grandfather is less than that, it needs to be shorter so…only three-fourth’s the length of Simeon’s orange streamer.
Next on deck was grandpop.  BS told me, “He’s 52.”  “Hmmm….,” I replied.  “We’re about the same age.”  BS and GS both looked at me with astonishment!  I could see the wheels turning in their little heads…Mrs. P is the SAME AGE AS GRANDPOP?  He’s so old and well she…um….well…never-mind!  LOL!
Grandpop got to be red.  Then came a yellow streamer for BS, age 9.  He dragged out the yellow streamer quite a distance, not quite to Grandpop’s length but BS gave himself more ‘wisdom’ than deserved. 
Of course GS, age 6, was the pink streamer and was shorter (though not by much) than BS yellow streamer.
We discussed that people who are older than us have had more things happen in their life than we, who are younger, have had.  Thus we ought to take advantage of that notion and ask them for their ideas and guidance.  You can imagine how this went over!  Of course both BS and GS wholeheartedly defended themselves when asked, “Do you listen to what your grandpop and grandmom tell you?”  “OH YES!!!”  Yeah right….muttered the teacher under her breath.
To really drive the point home, I pointed out to GS that her brother was in 3rd grade and she was in 1st.  When she gets to 2nd grade she will have her brother to go to for advice because “he has life experience in 2nd grade” and knows the ropes.
How I wish I had a camera to capture the expression on her face!  They both got the point of the lesson then.
She shoots ———> She scores!  And crowd goes wild!  LOL!

4 thoughts on “Sunday School lessons

  1. What a great lesson and brilliant way to handle it! You shoot and score, my friend.

    (so, I wonder every year – do you think Anna lived in the temple 84 years, or was 84 years old?)

  2. that’s lovely! thank God for Grandparents… reminds me… I need to call my Grandma!

    I love the Grandparent Saints… esp. Saints Joachim and Anna… how could ask for more than Jesus’ Grandparents!!! 🙂

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