Quiet Week

The week has been quiet; filled with regular activities, but moving at a easy breathing pace.  A nice feeling.

Things at work are moving slow, not for lack of ‘business’ and ‘contracts’ though.  This is just the ebb until the flow comes forth.  It sometimes makes for a day that drags on and on but we manage to arrive at 4:30 with things intact and completed.

Things at home are moving slow too.  Again, not for lack of necessary chores and such.  There is no frenzied running around like in the days when the kids where younger and had every imaginable place to be in the course of an evening.  I miss it but I don’t.

Classes are moving right along.  Meeting once a week is a treat.  It gives me plenty of time to read the necessary texts; however, I am finding it difficult to stay motivated knowing the end is approaching.  Thus I procrastinate.  I continue to slog through.  No sense in messing up a lovely conclusion to a long journey now!

The week’s warm air has been a treat.  Not much sun.  It is starting to smell like spring.  This is only a temporary treat.  The days will get cold again.  Perhaps there will be several more snow storms to shovel away.  The wind was fierce today, making me hang on to solid objects as I made my way from door to car, from car to mailbox and in to the house.  There is a slight red blush on the tips of the tree’s branches, tickling the sky with gentle fingers, making us giggle with excitement and anticipation of the beauty and blessing of spring.  I can imagine myself having the time to take care of my sorely neglected garden, reading books for pleasure and at a slow pace (not sure I know how to do this anymore!) and maybe just sitting on the porch in a lounger to soak up some sun.

With this slow pace, my mind spends time in reflection and quietude.  No thoughts run around like a jumble they used to be.  It is almost like there are no thoughts…just the silence…the hum of electricity…the sound of small branches hitting the side of the house, bushes against the window screens.  Just…being.

I wonder what the birds do in wind storms like this?  Hide in their nests?  Hide deep in the pine trees, away from the whipping air?  The bunnies are in their dens, deep in the ground keeping company with their next door neighbor the woodchucks.  

It is a time…to…just…be…still…and…know…that…HE…is…God.


4 thoughts on “Quiet Week

  1. Your comment about the wind reminded me of an old, 9th century Irish saying.

    “The wind is fierce tonight,
    It plows up the white hairs of the sea,
    And I do not fear that the Viking host
    Will come over the water to me.”

    This is the translation I grew up with; there have been other translations since I was a girl; but this one, I believe, is the best–it preserves the meter and tone of the original. Anyway, it means that the storm on the sea is so rough, that they don’t have to worry, at least for this night, that the Viking raiders will wake them and bring their murder, etc., with them. Whenever I see a really big storm blowing in, with dark clouds rolling across the sky, I think of this.

    Anyway, not related at all to your post, but I thought I’d share.

  2. And here in Montana we are cool and windy, and in front of the house we see tulips poking up through the soil.

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