I love Vera Bradley items.  They are outrageously expensive so never buy them.  Never.  The darling hubster splurged once and purchased the Villager as a gift; however, I have never purchased anything on my own.  

Until last week.

Vera was having a sale.  I had my Christmas bonus stashed away for something “special.”  Vera + Bonus = BUY!

Here is what was delivered by the FedEx guy:

  • Zip around wallet in  Peacock regularly priced at $38 – Sale $20
  • Little Betsy purse in Capri Blue regularly priced at $59 – Sale  $18
  • Two Cell Phone cases (a gift for a friend in Capri Blue & the other was ordered by my co-worker in Pinwheel Pink) regularly priced at $25 each – Sale  $5 each.  

I am very happy.  It’s the simple things in life.  LOL!


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  1. Oh! My! Gosh! What gorgeous cuff links she sells!!! Thank you for letting me know about this site! I had no idea Vera existed. Thank you! Thank you!

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