How often is it that one watches a TV program and knows the featured characters very, very well? Well enough that the man featured went on vacation with you, slept at your house and even ate meals with you?  Why?  Because he is your dear son’s best friend.

Last evening on CBS, the program titled “48 Hours: Live To Tell” told the story of Dan and Dani, two college aged students who were kidnapped, brutalized, shot and thrown in the river to die.  But they lived to tell their story.  Dan identified the perpetrator who is now behind bars for 117 to 235years.

The show can be found here.

Read about it here.

Usually I think these type of shows are full of baloney.  This one is not.  I know that because I lived through it with our son.  When the news of Dan’s attack reached us, we headed straight to York County Hospital.  Our son’s aunt drove him from up-state New York, where our son was in college, to the hospital.  For 3 days we drove back and forth, two hours each way, schlepping high school friends, and Dan’s brother, to the hospital to see him.  It was unbelievable.

What was recounted is all true.  The only part that was not fully told was the multiple sexual assaults on Dani by the perpetrator, Babner.

I can also assure you that Dan is as sweet and humble in person as he presents himself on the program.

The hubster and I love him like he is my son.

I would prefer to not know anyone featured on any program…every again.


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  1. Things you don’t *ever* want to think about happening to your own children, or indeed to anyone else’s. Those poor kids. I can’t get over that they have actually built new lives for themselves — good for them!

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