Book Confessions Meme…

 …stolen from Dixie she says sheepishly.

1. To mark your page you: use a bookmark, bend the page corner, leave the book open face down? I do all three depending on the situation. If I’m making a quick run to the kitchen for tea or to answer the phone, I put it face down. If it’s overnight, I use a bookmark or turn the page down.

2. Do you lend your books? Yes, I do. I keep a list of what book I lend to what person because most of the time I would like them back because they are primarily history or theological books being loaned. If it is a novel, I do not do that.

3. You find an interesting passage: you write in your book or NO WRITING IN BOOKS!  Oh I write, underline, make frowny or smiley faces, highlight, you name it! I appreciate when others do the same to books I loan out because I like to see what struck them as important.

4. Dust jackets – leave it on or take it off. Off with their jackets!

5. Hard cover, paperback, skip it and get the audio book? Paperback all the way, especially if purchasing the book. HCs cost way too much and take up too much space.

6. Do you shelve your books by subject, author, or size and color of the book spines?  I group books by topic.

7. Buy it or borrow it from the library later? Borrow it from the library first. Buy it from next.

8. Do you put your name on your books – scribble your name in the cover, fancy bookplate, or stamp? It depends on the book. Regular novel type books, I usually do not put my name on them. Any books that I know I want to keep, I put one of my address labels on the inside cover and write my last name in black ink on the outside/top of the pages.

9. Most of the books you own are rare and out of print books or recent publications? Rare? Nah. Maybe we have a Bible from the 1800’s but everything else is pretty new by those standards.

10. Page edges – deckled or straight? What is deckled?

11. How many books do you read at one time? Four or five.

12. Be honest, ever tear a page from a book? Nope, never.

How about you dear Reader?


4 thoughts on “Book Confessions Meme…

  1. Wow, I can’t get over how similar our reading habits are! I do nearly all these things, too! 😀

    Deckled is when the pages have a raggy edge to them.

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