Nat’l Geo Article in April Issue

Sent by a friend who shares St. Patrick’s name!

Enjoy this article and photos on the Russian Orthodox Church.  It was written by Fr. Alexander Schmemann’s son, Serge, who I would suggest read his father’s diaries.

I love the photo of the great schema monk.


2 thoughts on “Nat’l Geo Article in April Issue

  1. I must admit that I was disappointed by the negativity in the article. Schmemann had a good opportunity to witness to Orthodoxy; instead, he chose an almost exclusively Western approach, which is sure to elicit a spate of letters from people who think our form of worship is all “empty ritual.” Very disappointing.

  2. thanks for this! i felt that it goes into a lot of the changes that I am aware of in Russia (mostly aware by talking to one of my friends from church…)

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