Sunday of the Cross

“The instrument of your suffering is the instrument of your salvation.”

~said by Fr. Tim during his homily~


5 thoughts on “Sunday of the Cross

  1. One of the Evening Prayers is “to” the Holy Cross. I always wondered (and still do) how we can address an inanimate object, no matter how holy. I can understand addressing Saints, but I digress. I also wondered how the Cross can drive “away all enemies,” and drive “away the demons by the power of Jesus Christ crucified on thee.” And just how is it that “demons perish from the presence of those who love God and sign themselves with the Sign of the Cross”? I wondered and wondered for years about this, and I still wonder. However, one day I suddenly had the thought that Christ’s *willfully* accepting this particular torment and death was an act of Extreme Humility. I believe there is an icon of that name that shows Him descending into a tomb with a cross in the background. So, the power of the cross and of the Sign of the Cross to do these things is Humility. It sure does put a whole different aspect and attitude on the “ordinary” act of making the sign of the cross! I’m still thinking about this one.

  2. Thanks for reminding me of this Fr. T. Today has been a very painfull one and I needto reflect more on Christ and less of myself.

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