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As many of you have experienced in your road travels, many churches have signs on their front lawns advertising their name, denomination and service schedule.  When I drop by the post office on my drive home from work, it takes me past Bethany United Methodist Church.  

I have heard wonderful things about this place.  It is growing and busting out at the seams.  In order to accomodate the attendance, they have a worship service on Saturday night and three on Sunday morning.  Unfortunately, they also are part of the bunch that put funny or cutsey little quips on their signage.  Quips that are supposed to make you think about your salvation – or lack thereof and be an enticement to attend church to find out what you are missing.  Frankly, I find all of them stupid and unimaginative.  Rarely have I found any of them offensive.  Today I did.  Today I read the following:

“Body piercing saved our lives.”

It took me a full 15 seconds to figure out what the heck that meant.  Then as it dawned on me that the body piercing they meants was our precious Lord’s crucifixion, I was stunned!  Stunned at the fact that something so sacred as our Lord’s crucifixion being compared to casual body decorating and mutilation, and to boot, it being put up during Lent!  A sober and sacred time of preparation for Pascha.

If it was their intention to get people’s attention, they succeeded in getting mine.  I understand their point…that body piercing is abhorrent as was the crucifixion of Christ.  However, I find the comparion offensive.  The Senior Pastor, Jim Brashear, will be receiving an email from me telling him how deeply offended I am at what I perceive as his making a mockery of our Savior’s suffering by comparing it to body piercing.  Frankly, I am sure he won’t give two hoots about my opinion.  That does not leave me off the hook of telling him, nicely of course, that as a Christian woman, I am offended.

He can be reached at: jbrashear[at]bethanyumchurch[dot]com.


4 thoughts on “Church Signs

  1. We had a similar sign at a church here; it invoked in me the same reaction. But thanks be to God for your correspondence and the response as recorded in the post above.

  2. He probably doesn’t realize it’s Lent, as you probably know. I’ve seen some pretty offensive ones, but not usually concerning Christ or our salvation. There is what must be a very conservative church on the way to my dd’s school. Once they had a sign to the effect of: “if you can’t get behind our troops get in front of them” !!!???!! How is that sharing the love of Christ??

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