Deliver the Homily?

The month of March has been designated as Antiochian Women’s Month by His Eminence, Metropolitan PHILIP. During the month of March every year, women are encouraged to express the fullness of their ministry in the Church. Sponsored by the Antiochian Women, each local chapter is encouraged to hold activities during the month of March and to participate in the Liturgy by reading the Epistle, delivering the homily, and ministering to the parish, the archdiocese, and the community.

Huh?  Am I missing something?

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5 thoughts on “Deliver the Homily?

  1. The “in/out” of the priest in the Orthodox liturgy is interesting. He (or the deacon) read the Gospel to us “where we are”, he brings the gifts to us “where we are”, he goes as Christ did where we cannot go and, again, brings us Communion “where we are”. It really is alter Christus/ikon of Christ. I agree that the homily is an extension of the Gospel in this context and so while I have no objection at all to women preaching it should not be in the liturgy as it interferes with the symbolism of what the priest is doing.

  2. James,

    Thanks for your thoughts. While I see your point, I must disagree with it. In my mind it is because the priest role is sacramental, and he is the one who brings the Gospel to us, that it is inappropriate that a woman bring the homily. The homily is an extension of the priest’s sacramental role as Gospel bringer, IMHO.

    If the woman were invited to bring Gospel news outside of the Divine Liturgy, perhaps during Sunday school or the Coffee Hour, that would be different because it is outside the sacramental time of the Liturgy.

    I am probably speaking way out of the correct realm of truth, but this is at least my little understanding of things.

    Thanks, as always, for visiting the blog!!

  3. I think when we understand the priest’s role as sacramental and as spiritual father, the delivering of a homily is not the central function of the priest as it is in the protestant churches. So it doesn’t seem to be the big deal in that it redefines anything for a priest with his bishop’s approval, to allow someone else to deliver a homily. Frederica does. She also has at least an M-Div. I think the priest still retains the responsibility for what is said… and rightly will be very careful with what’s happening.

  4. Oh my. I thought the Homily was a deacon or priest’s duty? I am happy to be proved wrong, but I find this a bit odd as I take it you do.

    But I like the focus on women: they are truly the backbone of our parish and we would not be anywhere near where we are without them. A good reminder to give thanks.

  5. This is why Metropolitan Philip and his GOA cronies scare the living daylights out of me.

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