Simple Woman’s Daybook~12th

Outside my Window… the sun is shining and the temperature is moderate.  Daffodils and hyacinths are blooming everywhere.  The grass is green. The air smells sweet.

I am thinking… of many things that need doing and that I really want to go to Pre-Sanctified Liturgy tonight.

From the learning rooms… paper # 2 for Lit class is done.  Mid-term for Sociology is done.  I’m riding the wave on to shore but it’s bumpy and I want to just be done!  Almost!

I am thankful for… so many things but especially for the conversations with my two kids yesterday.

From the kitchen… it will be catch as catch can in order to get to church on time.

I am wearing… white fuzzy sweat pants, white sneakers, and a blue zip top.

I am creating… a baby blanket for a friend…the first of 3 blankets that need to be made by the end of this year for the 3 babies waiting to be born to 3 very special families.

I am reading…The Mists of Avalon for my Lit class.  I enjoyed it more the first time I read it.  Now I’m just plowing through it.

I am hearing… nothing but silence…a lovely sound.

Around the house... all is quiet.

One of my favorite things… spring!!!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… work, church, class, laundry, visiting.


3 thoughts on “Simple Woman’s Daybook~12th

  1. I also love the silence, and find I draw inside myself the last days of Lent, but then shamefully, Holy Week can drag. Prayers for all.

    And, whohoooooo on good conversations with the kids.

    I admit, I ended up not finishing “Mists of Avalon” speaking of dragging.

  2. almost there, Trudy – almost. I love silence, but sadly right now hubby is watching something noisy with my teenagers.

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