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Decided to try a new look.  We’ll see how long it lasts.  Haven’t figured out if it is possible to change the Blog name color so it shows up.  Will keep searching.  Until then…we live with it et al!

Since the blogosphere of my favorite reads are filled with thoughts of Pascha and Bright Week, I shall refrain from posting the same.  Although I wish to say that Pascha Divine Liturgy was a blessing.  Why?  I chose not to sing in the choir for one!

Picked up my cap and gown today.  It is hanging in the closet in the hopes that the wrinkles will hang out and I will be spared hauling out the dreaded iron.  I hate ironing.  One can readily see this because there are at least half a dozen shirts in the closet that require ironing.  How long have they been hanging there waiting?  Oh…about 3 weeks!

There have been a few things rolling around in my mind about which I hope to blog.   The top one is the problem of verbal abuse in relationships of all kinds.  Over the past year, four people have spoken to me about this problem, either within their own home with their spouse or witnessed in a neighborhood friend’s relationship.    In order to be better informed about the problem I have taken to reading four books by Patricia Evans.

These books have really opened my eyes.  I hope, in the coming days, is to write a little about this topic; examples of verbal abuse, why it happens, how it happens, and how to respond to it.

My purpose is not to play at psychology, because I am not a psychologist.  I am not a counselor, nor do I have any remote training in that field.  My purpose is to share information that I have read.

If you, or anyone you know, is experiencing verbal abuse of any kind (or any abuse for that matter), please seek help immediately.  Call your local police.  Call your local shelter.  Call your priest/pastor. Talk to someone.  And get help.  Verbal abuse can, and often does, escalate to physical abuse.


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  1. Blessed be the individual who made a soultion to ironing. It’s called wrinkle realeaser and it is priced under $2.00 at the family dollar store. Just spray it on after coming out of the dryer. Let it hang on a hanger overnight and wa la.

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