Once again, I changed my mind and my blog theme.  I had to agree with one of my dear readers that the previous spring green was just too bright and neon, thus hard on the eyes.  This one seems a little easier plus affords me the “custom header” feature.

On to other things…

…today was a good day.  The morning began after a half way decent night’s sleep!  Thanks to you all for your dear prayers.  (Only one pajama change at 4:00 a.m.!)  I had a nice visit with a friend which took place on the screened back porch where a comfortable breeze kept us cool while we sipped our iced tea.

After the visit, I got to some filing which has been piling up for weeks, paid a couple bills and got them into the mailbox in time for the mailman.

The first paragraph of my final literature paper got written early in the afternoon and is now down in black and white!  YAY!  Now all that needs doing is unpacking the thesis statement in the next 4 pages and write a conclusion.    This is my very last paper.  I will have only the final exam to get through and that will be it for literature.

I spent a couple of wonderful hours on the phone with my spiritual big brother gathering more information for his Memoirs.  We explored the wonderful blog of Ora Et Labora.  We are not sure who the blog author is but he signs himself Felix Culpa.  He posts some wonderful, wonderful material.  Spiritual big brother suspects a monastic from Jordanville, but who knows!

Then at 5:00 I had dinner with a former Sunday school student who is now 23 and attending Biblical Theological Seminary to earn his Master’s of Divinity.  He is quite the bright young man.  When growing up he was the one who came to church each Sunday with his hair dyed a different color and challenge me left/right/center in class.    One Sunday he was sporting a lip ring.  Now he is Mr. Conservative, is discovering ‘high church’ and has multiple tattoos which are really rather colorful and beautiful (in a wierd sort of way).  He said, “I want to be different but don’t want people to pay attention to my different-ness.”  I totally understand!

My purpose in dining with him was to pick his brain about the likes/dislikes of middle school and high school students because he teaches a group of them in a Bible study.  My hope was to gain new insight into a group that I have lost touch with.  He really helped a lot!

Why, you ask?  Because…

…Sunday school  has taken a serious nose-dive.  I blame myself because I have not been able to devote the time and energy necessary due to school.  It has not helped that cheerleading practice and competition is now held on Sunday mornings, as well as indoor/outdoor softball.  There are other mitigating factors that would only sound like ‘blame game’ thus I will not go there.

Anyway, now that I am free from school, I hope to revive  the program.  It will take a lot of work.  My thoughts are to propose to the Parish Council that I make a personal visit with each student and their family in their home to gather their opinions and thoughts about church, life, etc.  and to tell them about my idea in order to measure their response.  I also want their input (with the hopes that it will spark some ownership). My goal is to hold a 6 week study for 45 minutes on Sunday after Liturgy (or another day of the week if that is preferable to the kids).  The study would be on popular music.  I would like each student to bring a CD of their favorite song, we’ll play it, explore the words and the message and ask the question “So what?  Does this impact my life?  If so, how?  If not, why not?”  My goal is to get them to think, even just a little, about what is in their world and how it may impact them.

After my dinner with my former student (FS), I think reaching out to this generation will be hard to say the least.  He said that most kids do not trust anyone, are very individualistic, have no fear of God or hell or anything, and believe that marriage is bad because of their experience with so many broken marriages. FS said that each kid runs around with an iPod stuck in their ear listening to their favorite music so it is hard to even get a handle on the ‘popular’ music of the generation and to connect with the kid.  They also always have their faces stuck in a hand-held video game or are texting with friends.  For as connected as kids may be globally via computers, etc., they are not connected in a human-feeling or spiritual way.  Me thinks this is gonna be a HUGE challenge.

On the “crafty” front, I am crocheting 3 baby afghans.  One former Sunday school student and wife are expecting!  DS’s best friend and wife are expecting.  And the son his wife of our best friend is expecting!  So far one “gender non-specific” afghan is done.  I am working on one that would suit a “boy.”  The final one with be something that suits a “girl.”  That way all the bases a covered, unless there are 3 of one gender born.  Then I’ll have to quick do something else!

And that about wraps it up for today!


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  1. this is a hard one – how to reach the children in church that seem unreachable. i like your ideas and it sounds like a really good understanding of where they are at from your now 20-odd year old former student…

  2. You are so good at blogging. Maybe you could create a blog with your Sunday school class for them to write about how their Church life influences their school, social and family ties.

  3. I read a Catholic Ora Et Labora blog, but this one is not that one, I need to subscribe.
    And, I think that your Church School idea sounds fantastic – we have the ever ending condundrum of how to make it a good and workable program here too. Sigh.

  4. wonderful update. I’ve also been enjoying the Ora Et Labora blog.

    I hope your Church School takes off. Prayers for wisdom.

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