Are you battered? Are you abused?

It has become all to frequent to have conversations with my friends, both male and female, who have related incidents of being verbally abused.  Yes, you read that correctly, there are men who are physically and verbally abused by their spouses or girlfriends or fiancees.  It is subtle but it is there and in a society that teaches boys hitting is wrong, what recourse is there?  

Both men and women struggle with seeking help.  They are ashamed.  They are afraid.

Here are a couple recommended websites that contain suggested reading material.  


One thought on “Are you battered? Are you abused?

  1. Betty sometimes disagreed with me, but I have no memory of there ever having been a harsh word. Some days I’d go without speaking to her for some imagined slight, but I’m not sure that she missed me speaking.

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