A joy-filled day

Mother’s Day began Thursday when I went to the front door to check mail and found a long thin cardboard box with “flowers” printed on the side.  Opening it showed 18 long stemmed roses (9 pink, 9 white) with a card signed from my dearest son and his girlfriend.  They are absolutely beautiful and have opened up nearly all the way today.  I have not seen such beautiful cut roses in a long time.

Today after getting home from church, I donned gardening clothes so I could spend a couple hours weeding the front flower bed.  I was engrossed in what I was doing so did not pay attention to the car that pulled into the driveway.  Five minutes later I hear my dear daughter’s voice yelling, “Hey Momma!  Ya wanna go to the movies?”  She surprised me with a visit and tickets to see the new “Star Trek” movie.  We had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the show.

She also brought up a shopping bag full of books to share with me that she has read since Christmas now that I have “leisure reading” time!  Perusing the books resulted in an envelope tucked away in one addressed to “My Dearest Momma.”  All I will say is, it made me cry.

God has blessed me with wonderful adult children.  They brought much joy and tears growing up.  They continue to bring me joy and tears.  As my husband reminded me, being a parent means the need to have a long view.  We raise children not for what they are now, but what we point them towards and mold them to be in adulthood.  Without my husband, I would not have been the mother I was and am.  He tells me the same thing!  LOL!

If I may say, it has been by God’s Grace and strength that they came out pretty okay.

To all you Mother’s out there who are still in the trenches of raising kids, keep at it.  Keep working the clay; fashioning, shaping, carving, pounding, and remaking.  Keep a long view.  The end product will bring much joy.

O Holy Theotokos, our shining example, pray for us!  And Happy Mother’s Day!


6 thoughts on “A joy-filled day

  1. How beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

    And (a belated) Happy Mothers’ Day to you — and to all Mothers.

  2. What a lovely day !
    You most definitely deserve it, too !!

    I must now be the only person on the planet who hasn’t seen the new Star Trek film, LOL…….

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