Moesy through the woods

…of the blogosphere and news that is.  While I enjoy a quiet stroll through the woods from time to time, it is not one of my favorite pasttimes.  Now ask me to wander through a garden and I’m right there with ya!

I do not understand what is so problematic with Obama putting a wreath at the Confederate Memorial at Arlington.  Whomever is buried there was an American soldier in an American war.  Yes, I understand the country was divided at the time but so what?  The war was about economic issues.  So what?  I do not see how this is considered continuing “the chain of racism.”  Read the full story here.

Are Liberal Arts Degrees Worth the Cost in this Economy?”  Umm, yes because the degree is about more than getting a job, though it is a nice added benefit.  The degree is worth the cost because the student learned how to be on their own and self-sufficient, and more so learned how to think and analyze – hopefully at least.

Deb on the Run and hubby have taken up bee-keeping.  I will enjoy this new hobby vicariously through her photos.  YIKES!

There is a beautiful post about monasticism by Margi at Koinoinicon.

Elizabeth at The Garden Window shared this amazing photo array of an English village created with knitting needles.  How creative!!

Enjoy the stroll!


5 thoughts on “Moesy through the woods

  1. For me, laying a wreath at a confederate memorial does not have anything to do with racism. What it does denote, however, is the honoring of people who plunged us into 4 years of the most terrible heartbreak our country has ever experienced. It honors those who tore our country apart, who sought to destroy the United States.

  2. What a variety of blogs you’ve gathered! I enjoyed this walk through the blogosphere.

    Just from a quick reading of that letter about the Confederate cemetery, it seems that the authors are stating that the monument was not erected to honor fallen soldiers, but to “legitimize secession and the principles of the Confederacy and glorify the Confederacy.” (This quote from the link in the article to the whole text of the letter.) I have no idea if that is true or not; but if it is, I can understand some people’s hesitancy about the President honoring it. The article goes on to say, “‘We ask you to break this chain of racism stretching back to Woodrow Wilson, and not send a wreath or other token of esteem to the Arlington Confederate Monument,’ the letter states. ‘This monument should not be elevated in prestige above other monuments by a presidential wreath.'” If they are concerned that including this monument in the ceremonies (and I really don’t see how racism comes into this story at all, even after reading the article and the letter) as they say, then it seems to me that the real racist act would be to exclude this monument from the ceremonies–much like minorities have been excluded in many ways in the history of this country.

  3. I am troubled at our socieity who thinks only of money and corporate push to get more money. Life unexamined is dangerous, and that is what will happen more and more if the liberal arts are pushed out.

    Lord have mercy.

  4. Wasn’t the English garden a *scream*?? As a knitter myself, I *loved* it! Not every community could benefit from such a presentation, though — rusted-out front-yard dinosaurs, anyone?? (I once lived in a place where the “bird bath” was a discarded bathroom sink…)

    Re bee-keeping: If it’s any consolation, I know a monk who’s a bee-keeper, and he says bees are actually very gentle. He loves his bees, and they don’t sting him. I’ve actually tried something, even with wasps, and it seems to work: If they’re hovering around my laundry line, I say, “Could you please go somewhere else so I can do my work? I won’t bother you if you don’t bother me.” And darned if they don’t fly off!

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