Day book

Outside my window – it is dark, the temperature has turned cool in preparation for rain over the next few days.

I am thinking – about the discipline of prayer and how helpful it is to quelling negative thoughts. 

I am thankful for – a productive day of transcription work, the blessing of having set a time line to complete tasks for the writing endeavor in which I am engaged. 

From the kitchen – the dishes sit drying in the air, the stove is clean, the counters are wiped and it is a satisfactory feeling. 

I am wearing – a different pair of pants because the pair I wore all day just tore through the seat after years and years of comfortable wearing.   Isn’t that frustrating?  Just when you get the pants nice and soft and broken in, they go and tear irrepairably.  Though I ought not complain because they have lasted a long, long time.

I am creating – a ripple style baby blanket for friends who are expecting the end of the summer.   Though I do not know if it will be a girl or boy, I have chosen ‘boy’ colors.  No premontions or anything.  I just liked the feel of the yarn.

I am going – no where fast which is a really nice feeling. 

I am reading – one of the books from the huge pile my DD loaned me entitled 90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Murphey 

I am hoping – for a productive day tomorrow too. 

I am hearing – the whisper of the TV upstairs where the hubster is ensconced for the evening 4 days post ankle surgery.  He is doing quite well all things considered. 

Around the house – is a sense of peace despite the world outside the doors which writhes in its pain.  Of course, the sense of peace could be just because I’m tired!  

One of my favorite things – is fat free frozen yogurt with soy-free chocolate chips sprinkled on top….hmmm…I think I need a small bowl! 

A few plans for the rest of the week – i) to continue transcribing tapes, ii) a food store run, iii) tending to the ‘ankle’ patient, iv) house chores as they come up, v) looking forward to receiving and playing with my new graduation present, a Kindle 2. 

Here is picture thought I am sharing, which is a picture of yours truly standing in front of one of the lions that graces the steps of the New York City Library taken during our trip to the Big Apple a couple years ago.



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