What ‘haven’t’ you done?

I was reading Mom to the Screaming Masses, and she had a neat little post listing things that she’s never done that might make you go – Really?!?!  Naturally, being the person that I am, I filched the idea and made my own little list.

  • I’ve never had my legs or face or arms or eyebrows waxed (and don’t intend to!)
  • I’ve never had a professional manicure or pedicure or massage.
  • I’ve never watched Grey’s Anatomy or Desperate Housewives.
  • I’ve never gone sky diving.
  • I’ve never gone scuba diving.
  • I’ve never driven a motor home.
  • I’ve never had any plastic surgery.
  • I’ve never been to Las Vegas.
  • I’ve never used an iPod or iPhone

 What’s funny to me is that I’ve done lots of things that are on some people’s list, like been to NYC, eaten lobster and Indian food, attended a professional sporting event, been to a prom, gone skiing, and been to Disney World – a place I never want to go again. 

What’s on your list of “never done”?


10 thoughts on “What ‘haven’t’ you done?

  1. Vegas ain’t my kind of town… and without Sinatra at the Sands… I doubt there’s anything to see…or hear. Even porpoise rides… which I once thought I’d wanna do, seem off the list… and not all that friendly to Flipper. Met a porpoise in the wild… and a dark, big creature swimming at you at about 60 knots will tend to intimidate. It was a relief when it veered off in the other direction about 6 feet in front of me. I think it was one of those porpoises that wear black leather motor cycle jackets and have tatoos.

    I used to wanna be an otter. Then I learned otters are a White Shark’s favorite food… and that kind of scotched the playful sea otter routine for a while. So I’ve never been an otter. Then again, I’ve never been anything other than what I am… and if we go there… I’m not sure I’ve ever been that.

    Kind of existential when you go there, huh? Been that kind of day. Cheers.

  2. hmmmm…I’ve never done those things either… but I did DRIVE through Las Vegas recently. And I didn’t stop until I was through it. Mimima, LOL!. I live in Phoenix. 109 after dark is cool in the summer. 🙂

  3. I’ve never done most of that stuff, and more, either. I *have*, however, done a lot of neat stuff. Like I’ve baked all my family’s bread and developed my own high protein recipes for bread. I’ve watched a spider weave its web. I’ve held a newborn kitten in my hand while it died. I’ve raised three baby wrens when a cat killed their mother. I’ve trapped and relocated wild animals. I’ve marveled at the Rockies while flying over head. I’ve held my newborn granddaughter in my arms. I’ve danced with my husband in the kitchen when there was no music playing–at least none that anybody else could hear. And I’ve done lots of other things, too.

  4. Never done: Most of the stuff on your list (though I have had professional manis, pedis, and massages — all a godsend, after the medical woes of the past few years). I’ve never watched “Seinfeld,” never smoked pot or done illicit drugs, never been farther West than Kansas, never been farther East than Germany (not that I wouldn’t LOVE to go to Russia, someday!). Those are all I can think of, offhand.

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